Spanish Regular Verbs. Conjugation.

Spanish regular verbs conjugations

Spanish regular verbs. Present tense.

As you embark on your Spanish language journey, it becomes essential to grasp the concept of verb conjugation. Verbs are the core of sentences, indicating actions, occurrences, and states of being. Spanish verbs are varied and follow specific patterns when they are conjugated. Let’s enrich your understanding by introducing common verbs from each conjugation category.

The Spanish Present Tense: Conjugation in Action

The present tense in Spanish is used to talk about ongoing actions, habits, and general truths. It’s essential for daily communication, and mastering it is your first step to fluency. Here, we will explore common verbs in the present tense and their conjugations.

Spanish conjugations: AR, ER, IR

Common -AR Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Hablar (to speak)
  • Estudiar (to study)
  • Caminar (to walk)
  • Trabajar (to work)
  • Amar (to love)
  • Usar (to use)
  • Mirar (to look at/watch)

For example, the verb “hablar” in the present tense is conjugated as:

  • Yo hablo
  • Tú hablas
  • Él/Ella/Usted habla
  • Nosotros/Nosotras hablamos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras habláis
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes hablan

Common -ER Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Comer (to eat)
  • Beber (to drink)
  • Correr (to run)
  • Leer (to read)
  • Temer (to fear)
  • Vender (to sell)
  • Entender (to understand)

The verb “Comer” in the present tense would be:

  • Yo como
  • comes
  • Él/Ella/Usted come
  • Nosotros/Nosotras comemos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras coméis
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes comen

Common -IR Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Vivir (to live)
  • Escribir (to write)
  • Abrir (to open)
  • Asistir (to attend)
  • Describir (to describe)
  • Recibir (to receive)
  • Decidir (to decide)

The verb “vivir” in the present tense would be:

  • Yo vivo
  • Tú vives
  • Él/Ella/Usted vive
  • Nosotros/Nosotras vivimos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras vivís
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes viven

Conjugation Patterns: Regular vs. Irregular

Remember that while these verbs typically follow the regular conjugation patterns, numerous irregular verbs in Spanish do not conform to these rules. These irregular verbs include ser (to be), ir (to go), and tener (to have), among others. They have unique conjugation patterns that you will learn with time and practice.


By familiarizing yourself with these common verbs and their conjugations, you are setting a strong foundation for your Spanish language development. Regular practice with these verbs will not only improve your conjugation skills but also enhance your overall

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Spanish Regular Verbs. Conjugation. 2
Vince Platts Avatar
Vince Platts
After being with Taronja for a couple of years now online I decided to take the plunge and do their immersion course in Valencia, which, for a 54 year old, filled me with apprehension !! I have to say it’s one of the best things I’ve done to progress and improve my Spanish, the schools new location was ideal situated at the edge of the old town near the Turia park. The facilities in the building and classrooms were excellent with information screens, whiteboards and air conditioning also there is great chill out space on the ground floor to relax in !! The standard of teaching was excellent with varied topics and wide ranging conversations and discussions with time taken to explain things if you weren’t quite sure or needed clarification on vocabulary or grammar. I had 4 teachers in total, including the conversational workshops, and I can’t praise them enough, they were all absolutely fantastic. I must also give special mentions to the reception and activities teams who were friendly, professional, helpful and a joy to deal with on a daily basis with nothing being too much trouble. All in all a fantastic experience one which I hope to repeat in the future.. Well done Taronja ☺️
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Sofiya I
5 star rating
Очень понравилось! Училась 7 недель. Очень домашняя атмосфера и супер приятные люди. Консультировали по любому интересующему туриста вопросу. Проводятся ежедневные мероприятия помимо уроков(включено в стоимость обучения), это и экскурсии, и кино, и караоке, и кулинарные уроки и много чего другого!!! Удобное месторасположение - в самом центре! Обязательно вернусь в эту школу для продолжения изучения испанского. Спасибо, Taronja
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5 star rating
Taronja es la mejor escuela de español en Valencia Fue un placer y buena experiencia pasar en Taronja dos semanas inolvidables aprendiendo español con mejores profesores entre los estudiantes de todo el mundo. He elegido esta escuela porque es el Centro acreditado por el Instituto Cervantes. Tuve suerte de estar a la presentación de Taronja en Moscú y conocer a los profes y su manera de enseñar. Desde entonces tenía muchas ganas de conocer Valencia y estudiar en Taronja. No me quedé desilusionada, todo fue genial! Buena ubicación, ambiente amistoso, actividades interesantes para todos los gustos. Taronja es como una familia grande para sus alumnos, sigo en contacto con mis compañeros del grupo y algunos profes. Es una exelente posibilidad combinar los estudios con el descanso a la playa y el ocio cultural. A pesar de algunos inconvenientes del alojamiento (vivía en apartamento compartido) he estado muy contenta por mi viaje. Este año vuelvo a Valencia y Taronja.
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Floor de Laat Avatar
Floor de Laat
Taronja is a really nice school to learn Spanish. I would definitely recommend this when you are looking for a opportunity to study Spanish in Spain. The atmosphere is very chill and friendly, teachers like teaching and helping you. They also offer lots of fun activities everyday which you can participate in voluntarily. This helps you in meeting so many new people. I really enjoyed my time at Taronja, and I would like to return if I can 😉
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Sarah Guck Avatar
Sarah Guck
Finally I totally recommend Taronja in Valencia!
I have learned a lot en espagñol!
Before my course I could speak nada, but afterwards not directly fluently, but I can talk with people and friends now de España, who I met here during my stay and of participating on actividades de escuela.
Everybody is very polite and open for questions, especially about espagñol 🙂
Summary I would choose this escuela otra vez!
¡Hasta luego!
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Shae Isaacs Avatar
Shae Isaacs
I highly recommend Taronja! The school has been around for many years but recently got a brand new facility with brightly colored walls and excellent smart board technology. I had several different teachers, all of whom were excellent, and I found the curriculum very well organized. I especially liked the way the school’s advisors worked with me before and when I arrived to find the perfect placement for me. The majority of the students are young, but as a 50+ student, I’m happy to report I found classmates my age, too, and met some really interesting people of all ages and nationalities. In addition to classes, I took a couple of private lessons that really helped me. A huge plus for Taronja are its activities; every night you can participate in something - totally optional - from walks around the city, to cooking classes, to painting classes … And on the weekend they offer amazing excursions!! All great ways to practice your Spanish and experience Spanish culture. If I went back to Valencia, which I hope to do, I wouldn’t consider any other school. Thank you Taronja!!!
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media thumbnail 0
5 star rating
La mejor escuela para aprender español Hola, ya he estado tres veces en la escuela Taronja en Valencia.
Allí puedes aprender un montón y vas a tener mucho diversión. Vale la pena... 🙂
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Iris Helder Avatar
Iris Helder
I’ve studied at Taronja in Valencia for almost 3 weeks now and I already don’t want to leave. The teachers are nice and I felt really welcomed since I first stepped trough the schools doors! Outside of school there are activities organised by the school almost everyday. So don’t bring too many books with you, there will be enough to do here 😉
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