Spanish Regular Verbs. Conjugation.

Spanish regular verbs conjugations

Spanish regular verbs. Present tense.

As you embark on your Spanish language journey, it becomes essential to grasp the concept of verb conjugation. Verbs are the core of sentences, indicating actions, occurrences, and states of being. Spanish verbs are varied and follow specific patterns when they are conjugated. Let’s enrich your understanding by introducing common verbs from each conjugation category.

The Spanish Present Tense: Conjugation in Action

The present tense in Spanish is used to talk about ongoing actions, habits, and general truths. It’s essential for daily communication, and mastering it is your first step to fluency. Here, we will explore common verbs in the present tense and their conjugations.

Spanish conjugations: AR, ER, IR

Common -AR Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Hablar (to speak)
  • Estudiar (to study)
  • Caminar (to walk)
  • Trabajar (to work)
  • Amar (to love)
  • Usar (to use)
  • Mirar (to look at/watch)

For example, the verb “hablar” in the present tense is conjugated as:

  • Yo hablo
  • Tú hablas
  • Él/Ella/Usted habla
  • Nosotros/Nosotras hablamos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras habláis
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes hablan

Common -ER Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Comer (to eat)
  • Beber (to drink)
  • Correr (to run)
  • Leer (to read)
  • Temer (to fear)
  • Vender (to sell)
  • Entender (to understand)

The verb “Comer” in the present tense would be:

  • Yo como
  • comes
  • Él/Ella/Usted come
  • Nosotros/Nosotras comemos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras coméis
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes comen

Common -IR Verbs and Their Conjugations

  • Vivir (to live)
  • Escribir (to write)
  • Abrir (to open)
  • Asistir (to attend)
  • Describir (to describe)
  • Recibir (to receive)
  • Decidir (to decide)

The verb “vivir” in the present tense would be:

  • Yo vivo
  • Tú vives
  • Él/Ella/Usted vive
  • Nosotros/Nosotras vivimos
  • Vosotros/Vosotras vivís
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes viven

Conjugation Patterns: Regular vs. Irregular

Remember that while these verbs typically follow the regular conjugation patterns, numerous irregular verbs in Spanish do not conform to these rules. These irregular verbs include ser (to be), ir (to go), and tener (to have), among others. They have unique conjugation patterns that you will learn with time and practice.


By familiarizing yourself with these common verbs and their conjugations, you are setting a strong foundation for your Spanish language development. Regular practice with these verbs will not only improve your conjugation skills but also enhance your overall

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Spanish Regular Verbs. Conjugation. 2
5 star rating
Замечательная школа Брала две недели уроков испанского языка, они просто пролетели за одно мгновение) Школа потрясающая-современные аудитории, индивидуальный подход, на протяжении всего обучения ощущается мощная поддержка, как будто оказываешься в кругу семьи. После занятий (а они идут зиг-загом, то есть в один день можно отоспаться подольше, а в другой день наборот-встать пораньше и посмотреть закат на пляже, к примеру. Сам город тоже очень интересный, есть множество мест, которые стоит посетить-например, по воскресеньям все муниципальные музеи бесплатны.
Жила в квартире, предложенной от школы, она располагалась в самом центре и в 10 минутах ходьбы от самой школы-очень удобно.Также в школе есть огромная вариация культурных мероприятий-после учебы не заскучаешь 🙂 Можно сходить послушать песни на испанскомкаждый вторник это вечера паэльи, когда собирается вместе вся школаеженедельные экскурсии по городу. В общем, замечательная школа и собираюсь сюда вернуться еще ни раз!!
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David S. Avatar
David S.
The school is located in the center of the city and easy to reach by public transportation or by walking. Everybody at the office is friendly and very helpful, they listen and understand your needs. They help you not only with school stuff but also with the matters of daily life and culture. Teachers are always prepared for the classes and they teach with an effective fun way. They understand your level and find out a way to make you understand and learn in a supportive way. Modern methods like internet and interactive whiteboard are used during the classes , which make the lessons flow easily. Grammar , reading, conversation, listening are well balanced. In a week different teachers are teaching in any given class that provides different styles, techniques and accents. Besides regular classes there are more classes to choose from ( like conversation ) according to one’s needs. Every week there are some activities, day trips and social gatherings so one can learn and experience more about the culture. The timetable of classes is constantly rotating hereby assigning a morning class on a day and an afternoon class on another day. Altogether it makes learning Spanish and Spanish culture easy, fun and effective process. Additionally Valencia is a very beautiful city with lovely locals. The city offers almost everything. Thank you all so much.
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Julia Zisman Avatar
Julia Zisman
I would like to thank everyone for the experience! I really needed to improve the grammar, and I think this school was the first one where I could really feel some improvement (even though I was there for only two weeks). And they have many nice activities, so, you'll always have interesting options for how to spend your time outside the classroom. Another nice thing about the school is that they change the time of your classes during the high season (which is summer), so, you'll be able to have mornings and evenings free depending on the day. You also get to have classes with different teachers, cause they change every week, and then during one week you'll have two different ones. So, that's good too. Nice school! Definitely worth considering if you are thinking of learning Spanish in Valencia.
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Alicia Kaleja Avatar
Alicia Kaleja
Going there was the best decision ever ! �
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Kenneth Parris Avatar
Kenneth Parris
Excellent school that really focuses on the community element for the students. Teachers get involved in the activities, which is a cool sight to see, as you can get to know them outside the classroom. The lessons are well done also, as each teacher brings a different style. I also love the format of the schedule, in that, the time of classes swaps daily, and so does your teacher. Keeps things fresh. Lastly, Stefano is an EXCELLENT activity coordinator! He really enjoys being around the students and is professional.
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5 star rating
La scuola numero 1 a Valencia Scuola eccellente con uno staff preparato e cordiale sempre pronto ad aiutarti per ogni necessità. Gli insegnanti sono tutti molto bravi, disponibili e simpatici. La struttura e moderna e funzionale con aule dotate di lavagne elettroniche, ipads e sala comune con computer. La scuola inoltre organizza attività molto belle e coinvolgenti, tra cui: lezioni di cucina spagnola, escursioni e paella di benvenuto. Sono stato alla Taronja per 4 settimane nelle quali ho migliorato molto il mio livello di spagnolo e conosciuto gente splendida. La consiglio vivamente a chiunque sia interessato a imparare lo spagnolo a Valencia
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Andrea Maria Bokler Avatar
Andrea Maria Bokler
Taronja is a wonderful place to be. The atmosphere is pleasant, always a friendly and warm welcome and it makes it easy to feel at home in Valencia. I like the style of teaching at Taronja: it is innovative and creative. The people at Taronja are passionate about their work, are in it with their hearts and love to teach. I benefited a lot from the special combination of learning a language and exploring the culture with all my senses (e.g. cooking class). I can warmly recommend Taronja...
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Antonio Cinque Avatar
Antonio Cinque
The best spanish school you can find in Valencia : Lessons are formative and never boring, The school offers a weekly and always different programme of cultural and leisure activities that are very helpful to practice the language, discover the Spanish and Valencian culture and make new friends. Teachers are competent and very friendly, they will make you feel like in a family and soon they will become your friends! Personally i stayed 3 months in this school and not only i learned spanish, but i have shared lovely moments with great people i will always remember with affection. Vamos Taronja y gracias por todo!! ❤️
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