Spanish lessons for beginners

Are you looking for a Spanish course for beginners? Our speciality is the teaching of Spanish language for beginners. Our Spanish classes for beginners are made to learn in a practical and effective way, focused on students’ necessities

Do you want to learn Spanish from scratch?

Our method is based on learning Spanish in context. For this reason we created funny and effective classes, and developed equipment and games which can help beginners to learn the bases of Spanish language.

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Highly qualified

Our Spanish teachers are university graduates, with experience and training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Their classes are very dynamic and they are willing to attend to your doubts and needs. You won’t be bored in his classes!

Fast and effective

Our Spanish courses pass strict quality controls. We are an accredited centre by the Instituto Cervantes since 2006.

An incredible program of activities

Traveling to a foreign country is always an experience. That is why we try to ensure that, in addition to the Spanish classes, you can enjoy a full calendar of cultural and leisure activities. Excursions, parties, dinners, concerts, museums, sports, are an important part of our program. We want you to have an unforgettable stay, at the same time that you make the most of your time..


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    Instituto Cervantes

    In September 2006, our school signed an agreement which recognizes TARONJA as accredited by the “Instituto Cervantes”. This acknowledgement implies that the school goes through rigorous quality control of their aca- demic program and facilities, administrative procedures, accommodation, etc. Every day we strive to guarantee our students, a provision of high quality services and high standards of Spanish teaching. We aim to deliver the ne- cessary conditions to be accredited by the Cervantes Institute.


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    Español en España, FEDELE

    FEDELE is an association of Spanish schools in Spain. It guarantees the legacy and quality of Spanish teaching and services offered by the member schools, such as veracity of all published information. For more information about Fedele visit: More info:

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    The International Association of Language Schools (IALC) was established in 1983. The aim of the association was to bring together schools which could ensure a high standard of quality in their education systems. Currently, there are over 140 IALC language schools (worldwide). The schools teach their native language to international students independently and at a very high standard. TARONJA is a member of this association a fact which acknowledges the quality in language teaching.

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    Accreditation for the programme CSN of Swedish Government. For more information about CSN visit:


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    The concept of ¨ Bildungsurlaub¨ gives the German worker the right to 5 days holiday per year, apart from the official holidays, in order to improve his studies and professional training. The Taronja Spanish School has courses recognised as ¨Bildungsurlaub¨ in the following German Communities: Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Niedersachsen, Schleswig- Holstein, Niedersachsen-Hannover y Hessen. For more information visit: For more information visit:

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    Region of Valencia

    Comunidad Valenciana The TARONJA language school is recognised by the autonomous government of Valencia as a touristic agency offering complementary services. This guarantees our clients the fulfilment of the current norms and regulations, and the veracity of the information about the properties and services we offer.