Our methodology

It is our goal that the student learns the Spanish language and culture through total immersion (inside and outside the classroom) in a fun and motivating environment.

Methodology 1

Learn in a fast and effective way

In our classes we work on the integration of skills in context, so that we take into account oral and written interaction and expression, as well as reading and listening comprehension.

Methodology 2
Methodology 3

Didactic resources

For this purpose, at TARONJA we work with a wide range of educational resources, many of which we have developed ourselves, in order to try to adapt to the level of each group. We also introduce real samples of oral and written texts that can be used to confront the student to communicative situations as real as possible in the classroom (podcasts, songs, short films, advertisements, interviews…)

Methodology 4

Technology in the classroom

Likewise, it is worth noting that one of TARONJA’s main objectives is to promote the use of ICTs in the classroom for the teaching-learning of Spanish through online materials, applications or social networks. Also important is our Virtual Classroom where the student can find resources to continue learning Spanish (exercises, vocabulary, grammar, videos…) If you have a tablet or an Ipad we encourage you to bring it with you.

Methodology 5

Book usage

It is important to note that, for higher level students, those who already express themselves well in Spanish in different areas, who need to consolidate and perfect their communication skills, we combine our materials and resources with a book selected exclusively for this purpose, so that the student can take advantage of their stay at the school and get the most out of their course.

Our Spanish teachers are native university graduates who have experience and specific training in the teaching and learning of Spanish as a foreign language and pass strict quality controls and class observation. They are dynamic, young and approachable persons, always ready to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

An important aspect in their training is the knowledge and use of new technologies in the classroom. They have participated in training programs through videoconferences and in virtual environments. After finishing your Spanish course you are welcome to continue studying with them through our online Spanish course programs.

Methodology 6

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