Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we do! Don't you know TARONJA ONLINE? We have a lot of courses and activities with different schedules and durations so you can continue studying Spanish from anywhere in the world. We have been teaching online for a long time and they are very successful!
Of course it is! Follow us on Instagram "taronjaschool" and on Facebook "Escuela de español Taronja" and share your experiences with us. Is the school on social networks?
Yes, we have free wifi throughout the school so you can use the internet and share your favorite moments at Taronja with family and friends.
On your first day you'll receive a student card. We recommend that you carry this card with you in Valencia as identification and that you leave your passport at home so that you do not lose it. Also, with this card you can get some discounts in shops, museums, restaurants...
We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Taronja's next activity could have been your idea!
Some of these are free and others have a very low cost. We always try to set the lowest price possible so that all students can enjoy all the activities and excursions.
The school proposes 3 types of activities:
  1. The FIXED didactic activities in which we discover the Spanish culture and continue learning Spanish in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, such as: the famous cooking classes of Chef Nando, the welcome paella, culture classes, walk and learn...
  2. VARIABLE activities ensure that your experience in Valencia is an unforgettable one. Beach parties, salsa classes, music concerts, visits to exhibitions and many more things you will remember for the rest of your life. These activities change every week.
  3. Weekend excursions allow you to discover the wonders of the Valencia countryside. Some examples are visits to nearby towns and cities, hiking in the mountains, visits to beautiful beaches, visits to typical village festivals...
Yes, Taronja is famous for being one of the happiest and most fun schools in the world (attention, we said the world, not just Spain!). We believe that it is important for students to get to know each other also outside of the Spanish courses, and that is why we organize many activities and excursions of all kinds. Fun is guaranteed!
Yes, there are some basic rules of behaviour in the classes, such as not eating in class, not being late, not chewing gum... We will send you more detailed information about this by email before your arrival. Anyway, as we do not have teenagers, the study environment is always great as all students are highly motivated.
The minimum age to take an individual course in Taronja is 18 years old. Unlike most Spanish schools, which accept minors, at Taronja we do not like to put adults and teenagers together. This is a policy we have been using for over 12 years and it works perfectly!  
When you arrive, come to the reception to say hello and we will take you to the welcome meeting for new students. You don't need to take a level test, because you will have done this before. After your first day of class, if you have any problems with your accommodation, your classes, etc., don't hesitate to come to the reception to ask. Any member of Taronja will attend you and we will solve your problems in the fastest and most efficient way, don't worry. You are here to learn Spanish and have a VERY GOOD time, we will do everything necessary for this.
Yes, Taronja School has a virtual classroom called Schoology where you can find information about timetables, cultural activities and, of course, exercises, materials and extra teaching resources to study and practice Spanish after class. You can easily access Schoology from your computer, mobile, iPad, tablet... On the first day of class your teacher will help you create your account and give you access codes.
Nooo! Are you crazy? English is forbidden! Our expert teachers and our great teaching system do not need any other language to teach you to speak Spanish. Even for the most elementary levels we have adapted teaching techniques so that you can learn Spanish in an easy and fun way without the help of anything else.
Yes, our teachers are perfectly coordinated with each other, but, in addition, they follow several weekly guidelines to correctly follow the course and the level of each student.
Normally we do not use a book in the classes except for levels B2 and C1. In these higher levels you can buy the book if you want, otherwise we will make the photocopies you need for each lesson.
At Taronja all materials used in class are included in the price, so you don't need to bring anything other than your notebook and pencil, computer or tablet.
No! In this respect Taronja is different too. Every week you have 2 different teachers (sometimes even 3). We do this on purpose because each teacher has a different style, a different accent and this method is very good and enriching for your learning. Obviously, all the teachers follow the same weekly program for each group, adapt the materials and are coordinated among themselves.
Taronja School has an exclusive ZIG-ZAG timetable system, which means that some groups have classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, while the rest of the groups have the opposite.   Please note that for us this Zigzag system is very complicated to organize and that it would be much easier to do two shifts: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But, after many years of testing, we have realized that this system is the best since all students can enjoy "2 free mornings" and "3 free afternoons" every week, and vice versa. This way, everyone is happy and the course is more comfortable. Very few schools do this!
Of course you can! The most important thing in Taronja is that you are happy. If you are not happy in the group we have put you in, you can talk to the Head Teachers. They will advise you correctly and change your level if that's what you need.
In order to know your level of Spanish and to be able to put you in the right group you will have to do a small level test before starting your course. At most Spanish language schools this test is done on your first day of your course. However, at Taronja we don't want you to miss a minute of your lessons, so we will give you instructions on how to do the level test from your home, before you arrive to Valencia.