Preparation for access to Spanish universities

Learn about our university pathway program in Spain, designed to prepare international students for success at Spanish public or private universities. Our program combines intensive Spanish language courses, specialized preparation for the PCE exam (university entrance exam for foreigners), and comprehensive support services to ensure a seamless transition to university life in Spain.

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Intensive Spanish courses to get B1
PCE exam preparation. University Spain.

The Spanish + PCE combo courses are perfect for those students who want to study for a university degree in Spain and do not have a B1 level of Spanish, which is the recommended level to follow the PCE classes in an optimal way.

The course is divided into two parts:

  • Spanish classes of 20 sessions per week. Depending on your level of Spanish we will propose a starting date.
  • PCE: From January to May you will receive classes to prepare for the PCE.


We explain the subject matter of the PCE live. You can choose to come in person or virtually. What’s more, the sessions are recorded!


We constantly practise with real mock exams. You will know the exam format inside out and on the day of the test, there will be no surprises!


24-hour access to notes, video tutorials, corrected exams, self-correcting exercises, games, communication forums and much more…


We will see the subject from the beginning. If you are lacking the basics we will recommend extra classes to revise.


We focus on the most relevant aspects that are most likely to be covered in the exam.


We help you to solve study-related problems such as lack of motivation and/or confidence, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear of failure, blocking when it comes to organising your study day.

Additional Services

Recognizing the challenges international students may face when moving to a new country, we offer additional services to ensure a seamless transition. These include:

  • Assistance with Bureaucratic Procedures: From visa applications to university admissions, our team provides expert guidance and support throughout various administrative processes.
  • Medical Insurance: We facilitate medical insurance coverage for students, ensuring they access healthcare services during their stay in Spain.
  • Airport Pickup: To ease the initial transition, we offer airport pickup services, welcoming students upon their arrival in Spain and transporting them to their accommodation.
  • Diploma Homologation: We assist in the process of diploma homologation, making sure that the student’s previous qualifications are recognized in Spain.
  • Do you need a student visa?: We will help and advise you through the whole process. We are an accredited centre by the Instituto Cervantes, so our courses are recognised by the embassies.

Yael’s Experience

The intensive Spanish courses boosted my confidence, and the cultural activities helped me understand the Spanish way of life. Now, I’m studying Architecture at a Spanish university, fully integrated and enjoying every moment.

Nadia’s Story

I have been able to reach the level of Spanish required by my university. And I felt very well prepared to take the university entrance exam, and I passed! I think I can recommend it to you.


I have felt supported and well-advised throughout the course, best wishes to the whole team!
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What do our students think of our Spanish courses?

These are some of the opinions of our students. You give us the prizes!

Top University Pathway Program in Spain. Intensive Spanish & PCE Prep 1
5 star rating
No Regrets! Ero alla ricerca di un'esperienza estiva differente, qualcosa che potesse permettermi di accrescere il mio bagaglio culturale e perché no di crescere, conoscere gente migliorare una lingua che sempre mi ha affascinato, così ho deciso: me ne vado in Spagna, a Valencia (ne ho sentito parlare così tanto che mi son detto devo assolutamente andarci). Così inizio la mia ricerca di scuole, ne vedo un pò inizio a fare le prime indagini perché comunque si vuol sempre andare in un posto che ti faccia star bene, ne vedo una, due però nessuna che mi abbia fatto scattare la "scintilla" finché non mi imbatto nella scuola TARONJA, inizio a visitare il loro sito a leggere un pò di recensioni cosi li contatto, è che dire i piccoli dettagli fanno la differenza, assistenza e cordialità fin da subito, dalla prima email è cosi ho deciso che è qui che avrei passato le mie 2 settimane. Un'esperienza stupenda che porterò sempre con me, che non vedo l'ora di ripetere il prima possibile. In Taronja si respira un ambiente familiare, tutto lo staff è sempre disponibile, simpatico e meritano un sentito complimento. I prof sono tutti giovani quindi imparare e migliorarsi diventa molto più facile. Cosa fondamentale sono le attività organizzate dalla scuola avrete sempre qualcosa da fare e non è mai qualcosa di noioso! Sono felicissimo della mia scelta!
Hasta pronto Taronja!
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Natalie Hotchkiss Avatar
Natalie Hotchkiss
I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 weeks at Taronja ( intensive course sept.-nov. 2017). After two years of studying Spanish at university, I by far made the biggest jump in my level of Spanish at Taronja. The classes are a good mix of grammar and culture, taught by enthusiastic teachers. In a short period of time, my speaking and understanding of grammar improved dramatically, as well as my general confidence using Spanish. The school also arranges a wide variety of interesting and fun activities that all involve present the opportunity to practise Spanish, to some extent. Valencia itself is the perfect city, with something for everyone of all ages. I could not speak higher of the school and my time there, I really do recommend Taronja, and I cannot wait to go back later on this summer!
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Elizabeth Watson Avatar
Elizabeth Watson
Profesores Excepcionales y instrucción único. ¡Voy a volver!
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5 star rating
Wunderbare Schule und tolle Erfahrung! Ich war zwei Wochen in Taronja und kann die Schule nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Die Leser sind alle sehr gut und sympathisch, der Unterricht ist sehr interaktiv und digital und man lernt sehr viel in kurzer Zeit. Die Schule organisiert unter der Woche und am Wochenende zahlreiche Freizeitaktivitäten, bei denen man Spanisch übt, die Umgebung entdecken kann und viele unvergessliche Momente erlebt.
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Albena Bali Avatar
Albena Bali
It's not an ordinary language school, it's way more than that! If you want to feel the real Spanish atmosphere, if you want to learn, be surrounded by positive people, have fun and make new friends this is your place! Don't chose just a language school, chose an entire experience! Hope to come back very soon! ☀️☀️☀️
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tigerb736 Avatar
5 star rating
Intensive course for 3 weeks I went to Taronja as an almost beginner in Spanish and after three weeks I think I’ve made such an improvement but I’ve also learnt so much about different cultures and I think it has been an amazing experience.
I stayed in one of the school’s shared apartments with 4-5 other students from the school all of different nationalities and we were from the age of 18-26 and that was one of things that made my time there so special because you make such deep special bonds with other people in the same situation as you.
Over the three weeks the teachers were so engaging and welcoming along with the interns. There were multiple times where after activities we’d go to a bar or get some food and you felt so welcome and they were all so enthusiastic. In lessons each teacher found a different way to make sure you were taking in everything and the lessons were always fun. They also had a massive focus on conversation which was so helpful.
At the school there was such a range of ages and nationalities but I think we all came together really well through all of the amazing activities. My favourites were the excursions and the paella parties but all of them are worth doing as they improve your Spanish and give you opportunities to meet new people.
Thank you so much Taronja for the experience
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5 star rating
2 semanoas cursos en taronja es mi primera vez fui a valencica, fui 2 semanas en taronja, esdude mucho y my gustan la cursos , todos lodo prefesioal muy bien , si tengo tiempo libre, creo que puedo volver otro vez .gracias todos los bien .
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Lucia Angrisani Avatar
Lucia Angrisani
Profesores fantásticos, locations super bien....Todo perfecto!!!
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