Spanish idioms: CAÑA

The word “caña” is the stem of a type of plant: it is elongated and hollow inside, like that of bamboo; although the word “caña” also has other meanings…

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When we go to a bar and in Spain, and we want a beer we can order it in a bottle, but we also have the option to order a glass of beer: we ask for “una caña“.

We also use “caña” when talking about boots: if they reach the knee they are “de caña alta” boots, and if they only reach the middle of the leg they are “media caña” boots.

We also have the expression “dar caña” or “meter caña“, which means <<increase the speed when you do something, to hurry up>> : Si no te das caña no podrás acabar el trabajo.
Although it can also mean <<swearing at someone.>>.

And one of the most important: when we want to express our admiration or surprise for something, we say “¡Qué caña!”

So you know, we have “caña” for everyone. Pasad un buen día : ))

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