Diverclases are a mix of fun activity + Spanish lesson. By playing and discovering fascinating aspects of the Hispanic culture you will also continue to study our language. Some of our great Diverclases are: Pinchadiscos, Leyendas y Misterios, Culturetas, Clase de cocina….

General conditions

  • Maximum number of students per class 12, minimum 4.
  • Duration of a lesson: 50 minutes. It is necessary to buy a subscription to the e-book for each level change.
  • Free access to all Diverclases, minimum 2 per week. You can read below what a Diverclase is.
  • You can extend your general course with a conversation, or a grammar, course for special rates.
  • There will be no lessons on public holidays. We will offer a special price on those quarterlys.