Valencia City
13th March 2016
Taronja. Your Spanish School in Valencia
14th March 2016


Usually the working hours in Spain start at 8:00h or 9:00h although the shops normally open at 10:00h. At noon they have a break from 14:00h till 16:00h and the working day ends around 20:00h. The authorities close at 15:00h. The department stores open without a break from 10:00h till 21:00h.


The habits in Spain are different from other countries. The Spanish usually have breakfast between 8:00h and 10:00h. They have lunch around 14:00h, but it may be delayed until 15:00h. But nevertheless the restaurants start to serve around 13:00h. The evening meal takes place between 20:30h and 22:30h.


The Spanish people are very sociable, and the same happens with the people from Valencia. The reunions in bars, cinemas, theatres, concerts are very regular. The nightlife usually starts around 24:00h, after the evening meal and the first drinks with friends. The people frequently go to pubs until 4:00h. Later they go to discos that normally close around 7:00h. For the more adventurous people Valencia reserves "afterhours".


One of the best options to move around in Valencia is by urban bus; they work very well and you can take a look at the city during your journey. Buy a public transport card called MOBILIS at any kiosk or “estanco” (tobacco shop). With this card you can buy 10 trips at once, which works out much cheaper than buying single tickets. For more information on the bus service please check:


If you prefer to use the metro you can buy the tickets at any Metro station. If you want you can also buy 10 trips ticket at a reduced price using the same public transport card MOBILIS. For more information on the metro service please check


We strongly recommend this particular kind of transport as well, which is useful and very cheap (around 25€ per year only!!!). To use this service, you just need to subscribe and have the public transport card MOBILIS, which you also use for bus and metro. It is a comfortable and quick way to move around the city, you will find plenty of cycle ways and docking stations. Once you have bought your MOBILIS card, the only thing you have to do is enter the home page of Valenbisi ( and click on ABONARSE, choosing the option of subscription with transport card. Ask for more information at our reception desk and we will explain you the easiest way to start using this service!


METRO: From Valencia airport to the city center you can take the metro line 3 and 5 and get off at “Xativa” stop, which is right next to our school. Less than 20 minutes and approximately only 4€! Remember not to throw away your metro card as; it is rechargeable (first time you buy your metro ticket you will be paying an extra euro for the card). TAXI: You can also take a taxi to Valencia city center. It will cost you around 20€ one way and approximately 15 minutes.


The main post office is located 5 minutes by foot from the school, in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 24. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 20:30 and Saturdays from 9.30 - 13.00.


Banks open during the week from 8:30 to 14:30. It is difficult to find banks open at weekends, however some central offices work on Saturday as well. By any case, you can withdraw money from the thousands of bank cash machines around Valencia City . Almost any hotel and shop accepts the more recognized credit cards: VISA, 4B, American Express, etc...


You can buy a Spanish phone card in many stores. The easiest is to go to The Phone House. The closest shop to the school is in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 13. They sell all kind of SIM cards and phones.


TARONJA students are insured by the school, inside the school through a third party and outside the school in the activities organized by the school (trips, extra activities outside the school...). Our students ARE NOT insured by TARONJA school against illness, accident, theft, loss of personal possessions, or any other inconvenience. TARONJA will not accept any responsibility for such occurrences. You can contract Health Insurance through TARONJA Spanish School from 15 days to one year valid from the day of you arrival in Spain. If you wish to book this additional service, please let us know as soon as possible.


Some other info to keep in mind: the electricity voltage in Valencia is 220-240V AC, 50Hz (if you come from North America you will need a converter). Another peculiarity about Valencia is that you will find cars double-parked all over the city ( too many cars too little room !!)

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