Leisure and cultural pack
18th March 2016
Spanish course certificate
Spanish Course Certificate
18th March 2016

Combine your Spanish courses with sports! In Taronja School we think that the students who want to attend a Spanish course don´t need to give up their usual lifestyle and daily activities.

Sports pack only available when taking a Spanish course.


Ever heard of Kitesurfing? It ́s an amazing, exciting sport, great for men and women of practically all ages; it’s more about skill and technique than physical strength. As such if you want to learn, or improve in this sport, you have the opportunity to combine it with your Spanish course in Valencia with our fantastic Kitesurfing Course.

Valencia is one of the hotspots of Kitesurfing in Spain, for various reasons:

  • Valencia gets to enjoy thermal winds, constant breeze that blow a few hours every evening
  • Valencia’s beaches are made up of fine white sand.
  • Mediterranean sea is warm and pleasant



1 beginner session

  • 3 hours, one afternoon


With our surfing course you can try one of the most popular water sports. If you fancy something more than sunbathing and enjoying the beach by laying on the shore, we reccommend this course to get in the water and live a unique experience. In the mediterranean coast there are small and medium-sized waves, perfect for this beginners course in which you will acquire basic techniques to surf the waves, stand up on the board and slide along the water.

Dates: Every week from June to August in the afternoon, according to availability. In September, ask for availability. The course will take place depending mainly on wind and weather conditions.

The surf course includes 2 practical sessions of 2 hours each (4 hours in total), only available if you are taking a Spanish course of at least 2 weeks. The price is 70€.



2 lessons / (4 hours in total)

  • From June to September


Our Paddle Surfing course offers you the opportunity to try a new type of watersport that is becoming more and more fashionable. Slide along the sea on a surfboard, row and make the most of the waves and the marine currents. It´s a kind of ´walk on water´ that is simple and very safe, at the same time very fun. You only need to work with your balance and learn the technique to row on the board. A fun and special way of roaming the coast while gazing at the bottom of the sea.

Dates: All year around, as long as there´s any open group (minimum 3 people) – please ask for availability. Whether the course will take place will depend entirely on the wind and the weather.

The paddle surf course includes 2 practical sessions of 2 hours each (4 hours in total), only available if you are taking a Spanish course of at least 2 weeks. The price is 70€.



2 lessons / (4 hours in total)

  • All year around


This course is perfect for the students who want to profit of their stay in a mediterranean city and enjoy a unique experience in the sea. With our weekly course of 2 sessions you will achieve the necessary skills and the basic knowledge of sailing.

An easy course, enjoyable, that take advantage of the thermal breeze of the Mediterranean for a total of 4 hours, you’ll experiment the emotions of sailing, the sea and the wind. The instructors who teaches are professionals with very high standards, whose motivation is that you’ll learn to sail in the best and funny was as possible.

Duration of the sailing course
2 days. Consist in 2 session of 2 hours every day in the afternoon, in groups from 2 to 4 people. The first part of the session will consist in 15 minutes of nautical theory and after you’ll practice with your sailing boat.

Starting dates
Every week of July and august during the afternoon depending on the availability. The course take place depending on the wind and the weather.



2 lessons / week

  • From July to September


If you are a gym enthusiast, you can enroll in this course that combines Spanish lessons with sports. The gym is open from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. You will have free access to all the rooms and classes all day long.

You will be able to go to the gym every day and you will have the access to: Cardio-vascular room / Equipment room / Weight room /Spinning room/ Heated swimming pool/ Sauna/ Massage and beautician room.



2 weeks


It´s well known that in Spain tennis is an important and popular sport; we are proud of great elite Spanish tennis players in International championships. Tennis instructors in Spain are well-recognized and acknowledged. That is why Taronja Spanish School offers you an opportunity to practise with them after attending your Spanish course.

The tennis courts of Valencia are in the city centre, in a well known club, surrounded by gardens. During summer months of your stay in Valencia you will also be able to access swimming pool for a very economical daily price.



10 lessons

Except August


Riding courses will take place in the equestrian club of Valencia, run by true professionals of the horse business. The equestrian centre guarantees both modern facilities in Valencia city centre and good horses. Beginners will receive theoretical and practical classes in small groups with a teacher. Students with some riding experience will be able to enjoy group classes during which they will be instructed in dressage technique.

To be able to participate you should be affiliated in your country or to federate once you come to Valencia. The price of the membership in federation of Valencia is around 60 €. This price includes health insurance.



8 lessons

Except August

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