Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffity

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Spanish lesson: How interact with the spaniards.
13th February 2014
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1st April 2014
Spanish courses in Valencia. Graffiti

Spanish courses in Valencia. Graffiti


Valencia is a city full of culture and of many different form of art. In the Spanish school Taronja we want all our students interested in taking a Spanish course to have the opportunity to discover and enjoy all the cultural offering of the city. That  is why we  want to present you the valencian graffiti, that we are sure you will love.

Graffiti, or street art, emerges at the beginning of the sixties in the U.S.A. The first street painters emerged in some neighbourhood of New York. They used to leave their marks in the form of signatures on their neighbourhood walls. In such a way they created them selves a personal identity to reach what is today know as “street fame”.

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffiti2

By the end of these years their simple signatures will represent the essence of popular iconography such as cartoon characters. What seemed a simple drawing on a New York wall painted ends, devouring subway cars revolutionised all the word.

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffiti 3

 Last week we have been taken to discovered some graffiti hidden in Valencia streets. We have been introduce into the fantastic world of street art by a group of street painters. They taught us about the different styles of urban art.  On our way, we met a wide variety of street performers who showed us their artistic pieces. For example in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Valencia “barrio del Carmen”, a group of architects held a meeting on 2011,  “Comboi a la fresca”, to discuss about urban design. During the meeting designers and street artist had the opportunity to make their interventions in the city street. Including Blu, Ericailcane and Escif performed their beautiful “murales” in many different places of the city, and also today we can still visit them.

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffitiSpanish courses in Valencia: valencian grafiti 5

    In many of the works that we had seen during our way we saw how the passage of the time turned them  into great artist, and how their work has evolved. At the end of the route we had the opportunity to express ourselves artistically in a private wall under the supervision of experts valencian street painters. We had the opportunity to experience the feeling of being able to leave our mark in the wall.

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffiti 6

   The graffiti world is a world to be discovered but do not forget that urban space can be either used to perform art or to make  an illegal mess.The professional street painter are always looking for abandoned walls to work on, but they always respect the street furniture. The architectural essence must be protected, but why not to give some extra color?

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffiti 8

This is the graffiti made from the students of Spanish school Taronja. ¡Qué artistas! : D


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