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Participate in a Spanish course and discover the Cathedral

Valencia is a city that is rich on its history and its cultural inheritance. If you have done a Spanish course with us, you will have seen its rich history and its most contemporaries. The Cathedral of Valencia is a good example as well as the chapel San Pedro.

The chapel of San Pedro has been restored and reopened to the public. During the Spanish Civil War (1936) it suffered from a fire and the paintings inside were quite damaged. After two years of work the chapel had been able to recover and it gained back most of its splendour.


The chapel was once known by “the chapel of the Borgias” because the original design was commissioned in 1437, by Alonso Borja, later known as Pope Callistus III, although it was built by Rodrigo Borgia, who was known as Pope Alexander VI, in 1466.


If you are doing a Spanish course in Valencia, you can not miss the cathedral and its wealth, as well as other monuments that are part of the historic Valencia. If you need information and help, do not hesitate to ask. And remember that on the “Visita Turística” which takes place every Tuesday, we will guide you through your first visit of the city.


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