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В этом занятии мы будем рекомендовать фильмы и выражать одобрение или неодобрение касаемо стиля фильма, а также актеров или актрис. Мы будем выдвигать предположения о неизвестных фильмах и обмениваться рекламами в наших странах. Для этого мы будем работать над индикативом и сослагательным наклонением, императивом, условными предложениями, и будем расширять словарный запас по кинематографу.

В этом уроке мы узнаем о законах и протоколах, защищающих окружающую среду, а также сравним их с законами и протоколами других стран. Мы выучим лексику, связанную с природой и стихийными бедствиями, а также выскажем свое мнение и поразмышляем о влиянии человека на нее. Для этого мы будем работать над индикативом и сослагательным наклонением, косвенной речью и условными предложениями.

На этом занятии мы обменяемся информацией о наших домах, наших соседях, нашей повседневной жизни. Мы будем давать друг другу рекомендации и немного расскажем о том, как живем мы и люди вокруг нас. Для этого мы смоделируем обмен домами. Мы будем использовать настоящее и прошедшее время сослагательного наклонения, императив и лексику, связанную с жильем и личными отношениями.

В этом уроке мы поговорим о первых впечатлениях и частой ошибочности этих преждевременных суждений. Мы поразмышляем над внешностью и тем значением, которое мы придаем ей в наших странах. Мы будем использовать условные предложения, времена индикатива и сослагательного наклонения, а также лексику, связанную с внешностью и характером.

На этом занятии мы опровергнем или подивердим самые популярные мифы, помогающие глубже познакомиться с нашими странами и регионами. Мы поговорим о культуре, обязательных к посещению местах, гастрономии и образе жизни с точки зрения местных. Мы будем использовать структуры рекомендаций, индикатив и сослагательное наклонение, и лексику, связанную с гастрономией, городами, культурными областями, темами и клише.

Что наши студенты думают о наших курсах испанского языка?

Вот некоторые из мнений наших студентов. Награды даёте нам вы!

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Sarah Berryman Avatar
Sarah Berryman
A friendly school with great teachers and nice facilities. I was only there for a week but my confidence in speaking improved significantly. I came on my own but it was so easy to make friends through all the social activities and I loved meeting people from all over the world from ages 19-70. I had an amazing time and hope I can go back for longer next summer!
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Shae Isaacs Avatar
Shae Isaacs
I highly recommend Taronja! The school has been around for many years but recently got a brand new facility with brightly colored walls and excellent smart board technology. I had several different teachers, all of whom were excellent, and I found the curriculum very well organized. I especially liked the way the school’s advisors worked with me before and when I arrived to find the perfect placement for me. The majority of the students are young, but as a 50+ student, I’m happy to report I found classmates my age, too, and met some really interesting people of all ages and nationalities. In addition to classes, I took a couple of private lessons that really helped me. A huge plus for Taronja are its activities; every night you can participate in something - totally optional - from walks around the city, to cooking classes, to painting classes … And on the weekend they offer amazing excursions!! All great ways to practice your Spanish and experience Spanish culture. If I went back to Valencia, which I hope to do, I wouldn’t consider any other school. Thank you Taronja!!!
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5 star rating
No Regrets! Ero alla ricerca di un'esperienza estiva differente, qualcosa che potesse permettermi di accrescere il mio bagaglio culturale e perché no di crescere, conoscere gente migliorare una lingua che sempre mi ha affascinato, così ho deciso: me ne vado in Spagna, a Valencia (ne ho sentito parlare così tanto che mi son detto devo assolutamente andarci). Così inizio la mia ricerca di scuole, ne vedo un pò inizio a fare le prime indagini perché comunque si vuol sempre andare in un posto che ti faccia star bene, ne vedo una, due però nessuna che mi abbia fatto scattare la "scintilla" finché non mi imbatto nella scuola TARONJA, inizio a visitare il loro sito a leggere un pò di recensioni cosi li contatto, è che dire i piccoli dettagli fanno la differenza, assistenza e cordialità fin da subito, dalla prima email è cosi ho deciso che è qui che avrei passato le mie 2 settimane. Un'esperienza stupenda che porterò sempre con me, che non vedo l'ora di ripetere il prima possibile. In Taronja si respira un ambiente familiare, tutto lo staff è sempre disponibile, simpatico e meritano un sentito complimento. I prof sono tutti giovani quindi imparare e migliorarsi diventa molto più facile. Cosa fondamentale sono le attività organizzate dalla scuola avrete sempre qualcosa da fare e non è mai qualcosa di noioso! Sono felicissimo della mia scelta!
Hasta pronto Taronja!
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Alexandra  Utkina Avatar
Alexandra Utkina
Pasé en Taronja dos semanas inolvidables aprendiendo español con mejores profes entre los estudiantes de todo el mundo. Buena ubicación, ambiente amistoso, actividades interesantes para todos los gustos. Me encantaría volver este año.
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Callum McLean Avatar
Callum McLean
I have already studied at Taronja three times now over five years and I can safely say that I would never go ANYWHERE else to learn Spanish! The teachers are brilliant and the atmosphere is super-relaxed, which makes the lessons not only useful but really enjoyable and sociable. The classrooms and the whole building (with terrace and common room) are decorated really colourfully, which makes it a very comfortable and non-imposing environment to learn in - as well as a very central location, which couldn't be easier to get to. But the best thing about Taronja is the team of friendly staff and their regular programme of activities. I almost go more for the social side of things than anything else, because their regular day- and weekend-trips are so much fun that even relatively shy, grumpy people like me can't help but have a fantastic time and leave with a bunch of new international friends. I couldn't recommend Taronja enough! See you there 🙂
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sandra15x9 Avatar
I spent 3 months at the Taronja School and had the best time ever! I started from scratch but the school and its methods taught me Spanish very well. You can make a lot of friends through the activities and experience a lot of culture for a small price. I'd recommend going there for your Spanish studies as well as for the fun.
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Sarah Bowman Avatar
Sarah Bowman
If I can learn Spanish then anyone can! In a space of 6 weeks I went from saying "sin comentarios" in class to speaking short sentences with lovely regular, irregular and reflexive verbs ?. Teachers and administration staff are professional, friendly and supportive. I am going to miss my "chitty chats" with the Reception desk ?
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5 star rating
très bonne école de langue Taronja est un école de langue que je recommande vivement ! Ses cours ludiques et intéressants permettent de progresser très rapidement. L'école propose son propre matériel de cours, ce qui permet de varier les thème des cours! De plus, l'école propose un grand nombre d'activités culturelles ou festives en dehors des cours qui permettent aux élèves de connaître la région valencienne et d'apprendre à se connaître. Merci aux professeurs qui sont tous super sympa !!
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