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В этой части мы будем говорить о нас и о вещах, которые нам нравятся или не нравятся. Мы узнаем, как происходит знакомство в разных странах и какие вопроосы можно задавать и как. Для этого мы будем задавать друг другу вопросы, практиковать лексику на тему досуга и свободного времени, использовать структуры в presente de indicativo, дискурсивные маркеры и структуры выражения мнения.

В этой части мы поговорим о наших ежедневных действиях, расписании и привычках, сравним их с другими странами. Мы также будем давать друг другу советы и высказывать мнения о наших повседневных привычках. Для этого мы будем задавать вопросы, активно использовать время presente de indicativo, возвратные глаголы и лексику, связанную с привычными действиями.

В этом уроке мы опишем наш дом, дадим советы, выскажем свое мнение и создадим список бытовых задач и правил. Для этого мы будем использовать структуры выражения мнения, наречия места и presente de indicativo, а также будем практиковаться в лексике, касающейся предметов домашнего обихода и дома.

В этой теме мы обменяемся традиционными рецептами наших стран и познакомимся с типичными продуктами питания и их происхождением. Для этого мы будем задавать вопросы, давать рекомендации и рассказывать о наших обычаях, используя лексику, связанную с едой, традиционными блюдами, их приготовлением, а также используя presente de indicativo, связующие и коммуникативные конструкции.

В этой задаче мы научимся объяснять что у нас болит, познакомимся с различными частями тела и со специалистами, которые их лечат. Для этого мы будем говорить о привычных действиях и ситуациях, в которых люди обращаются к врачу, а также познакомимся с системами здравоохранения наших стран и сравним их с другими странами.

Что наши студенты думают о наших курсах испанского языка?

Вот некоторые из мнений наших студентов. Награды даёте нам вы!

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Roderick C Avatar
Roderick C
5 star rating
Great Week at Taronja Both my children have been to Taronja to work on their their Spanish (my daughter four times so far) and have both made excellent progress. Then, at long last, Dad made it too! I was looking for an advanced course, which can be difficult to find in smaller schools so it was great to find somewhere that can offer courses at a more demanding level, and even better, that are well taught. All this was backed up with daily printouts of the topics and new vocabulary that arose as we went along. Plenty of great extracurricular laid on outside the formal teaching. Inevitably this was better suited for those a wee bit younger than myself but my two (18 and 21) had an absolute ball! I opted to stay with a Spanish family and was very lucky to be assigned someone who was not only great company but who upon discovering it was my birthday, even laid on a birthday party for me!
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5 star rating
La miglior scuola di Valencia Sono stata in questa scuola ad agosto 2014 per due settimane.
Alloggiavo negli appartamenti con altri studenti convenzionati con la scuola.
Posso considerare questa esperienza, la più bella mia vita, grazie anche a questa fantastica scuola.
Le lezioni si svolgevano 4 ore al mattino o al pomeriggio, a giorni alterni.
Ogni due ore si cambiava professore e le lezioni non erano noiose e teoriche, ma interattive con giochi, in modo da parlare il più possibile imparando la lingua.
Ogni sera c'era un'attività organizzata.
Il lunedì c'era il tapas tour, il martedì il paella party il giovedì il beach volley e durante il weekend organizzavano o qualche escursione o serate in discoteca.
E' una grande famiglia, che ti permette di conoscere gente da tutto il mondo, praticare la lingua 24 ore al giorno e divertirti.
I professori erano tutti simpaticissimi e preparati.
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Shae Isaacs Avatar
Shae Isaacs
I highly recommend Taronja! The school has been around for many years but recently got a brand new facility with brightly colored walls and excellent smart board technology. I had several different teachers, all of whom were excellent, and I found the curriculum very well organized. I especially liked the way the school’s advisors worked with me before and when I arrived to find the perfect placement for me. The majority of the students are young, but as a 50+ student, I’m happy to report I found classmates my age, too, and met some really interesting people of all ages and nationalities. In addition to classes, I took a couple of private lessons that really helped me. A huge plus for Taronja are its activities; every night you can participate in something - totally optional - from walks around the city, to cooking classes, to painting classes … And on the weekend they offer amazing excursions!! All great ways to practice your Spanish and experience Spanish culture. If I went back to Valencia, which I hope to do, I wouldn’t consider any other school. Thank you Taronja!!!
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Valerie Haigh Avatar
Valerie Haigh
I enjoyed my week very much but should have joined in more of the social activities! Also I think a week is too short as most other students were there for much longer but that was not possible for me Since returning back to my weekly class on Zoom, I am speaking much better so thank you ! Staff were lovely ....
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5 star rating
Une super expérience Etudier l'espagnol au sein de Taronja School est une super expérience ! Les cours qui y sont dispensés sont d'une grande qualité ; les professeurs sont toujours à l'écoute des élèves. Au travers des différentes activités proposées l'on rencontre des gens très sympathiques. J'ai vraiment adoré cette école de langue et compte bien y retourner !
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Monique S
5 star rating
Molto buono tutto è perfetto; gli studenti e scuola: le scuole sono molto importanti e molto interessate di risolvere qualsiasi problema
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Luciano Avatar
I did a Spanish course in Taronja for one week and I loved it. In particular I appreciated the interactive way and the discussions that were promoted within the classmates to learn and talk. The activities organized by the school were also great (thanks again Nando for the fantastic paella class!). Last but not least, Valencia is a beautiful city and perfect to learn Spanish also outside of the school!
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5 star rating
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