Размещение в Валенсии

Школа Taronja предлагает различные типы размещения, в зависимости от потребностей наших студентов. Вы можете выбрать студенческую квартиру, семью или студию. Мы также можем предложить размещение в гостинице или индивидуальные апартаменты. Если ты ищешь именно это, то не стесняйся обратиться к нам, и мы найдем подходящий для тебя вариант.

Студенческая квартира 1Студенческая квартира 2Студенческая квартира 3
Limpieza de áreas comunes Una a la semanaCada 15 díasNo incluida
VentiladorСтуденческая квартира 4Студенческая квартира 5Студенческая квартира 5
CalefacciónСтуденческая квартира 4Студенческая квартира 4Студенческая квартира 5
WIFIСтуденческая квартира 4Студенческая квартира 4Студенческая квартира 4
Descripción generalSi no te importa el precio, en estos pisos tendrás tu propio dormitorio y baño de uso exclusivo.
También incluyen una limpieza semanal de las zonas comunes. Están situados cerca de la escuela (siempre a poca distancia) y son de calidad superior.
Disponen de cocina equipada (nevera y lavadora). Compartirás las zonas comunes con tus compañeros de piso.
Estos pisos son cómodos y más nuevos. Están situados en el centro.
Aunque la limpieza y el orden dependen de las personas que comparten el alojamiento, estos pisos incluyen una limpieza quincenal de las zonas comunes.
Disponen de cocina equipada (nevera y lavadora). Compartirás las zonas comunes y el baño con tus compañeros de piso, pero tendrás tu habitación individual.
Estos pisos son modestos, pero tienen la ventaja de estar en buena zona y ser baratos.
Disponen de una cocina equipada (nevera y lavadora). Compartirás las zonas comunes y el baño con tus compañeros de piso, pero tendrás tu habitación individual.
La limpieza y el mantenimiento de estos pisos depende de las personas que los habitan. Por lo tanto, tienes que ser lo más respetuoso y ordenado posible. Estancia mínima de 3 meses.

Проживание предоставляется ТОЛЬКО при бронировании курса.

* Апартаменты при условии наличия. Свяжитесь с нами перед бронированием.
** Предварительная стоимость может меняться в зависимости от сезона.
*** Минимальный срок проживания в базовых апартаментах – 3 месяца.

Студенческая квартира

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Días extra+40

Включенные услуги:

Студенческая квартира 14
Право пользования кухней (полностью оснащена посудой, столовыми приборами, сковородками, холодильником, стиральной машиной).
Студенческая квартира 15
Постельное белье
Студенческая квартира 16
1 комплект ключей
Студенческая квартира 17
Студенческая квартира 18
Заезд в воскресенье и выезд в субботу.

По прибытии необходимо внести залог на случай ущерба.

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Что наши студенты думают о наших курсах испанского языка?

Вот некоторые из мнений наших студентов. Награды даёте нам вы!

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David S. Avatar
David S.
The school is located in the center of the city and easy to reach by public transportation or by walking. Everybody at the office is friendly and very helpful, they listen and understand your needs. They help you not only with school stuff but also with the matters of daily life and culture. Teachers are always prepared for the classes and they teach with an effective fun way. They understand your level and find out a way to make you understand and learn in a supportive way. Modern methods like internet and interactive whiteboard are used during the classes , which make the lessons flow easily. Grammar , reading, conversation, listening are well balanced. In a week different teachers are teaching in any given class that provides different styles, techniques and accents. Besides regular classes there are more classes to choose from ( like conversation ) according to one’s needs. Every week there are some activities, day trips and social gatherings so one can learn and experience more about the culture. The timetable of classes is constantly rotating hereby assigning a morning class on a day and an afternoon class on another day. Altogether it makes learning Spanish and Spanish culture easy, fun and effective process. Additionally Valencia is a very beautiful city with lovely locals. The city offers almost everything. Thank you all so much.
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Lucia Angrisani Avatar
Lucia Angrisani
Profesores fantásticos, locations super bien....Todo perfecto!!!
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5 star rating
much more than a school Die Schule ist sehr zentral gelegen. Ich fühlte mich von Anfang an rundum wohl. Die Gestaltung der Räume hat mich sehr angesprochen. Alle Mitarbeiter machten einen sehr zufriedenen Eindruck und der Ablauf war sehr gut organisiert. Mein Lernerfolg war nach zwei Wochen höher als in einer vergleichbaren Schule. Die Leher und Lehrerinnen waren engagiert und jeder konnte seine Talente mit einbringen. Sie arbeiten nicht mit einem Arbeitsbuch sondern haben ein eigenes Konzept und eigene Skripte. Neben dem Unterricht wurden tolle Aktivitäten angeboten. Ich komme wieder.
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Guido Balestri Avatar
Guido Balestri
Best language school ever. Try it, you'll never be disappointed.
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Floor de Laat Avatar
Floor de Laat
Taronja is a really nice school to learn Spanish. I would definitely recommend this when you are looking for a opportunity to study Spanish in Spain. The atmosphere is very chill and friendly, teachers like teaching and helping you. They also offer lots of fun activities everyday which you can participate in voluntarily. This helps you in meeting so many new people. I really enjoyed my time at Taronja, and I would like to return if I can 😉
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Eva S Avatar
Eva S
Entering the school through a beautiful massive and decorative door (on a street where you’d love to have your coffee and lunchbreaks), the inside will surprise you even more: an explosion of colours, art and atmosphere. And that’s what the teachers carry out too: such passion and enthusiasm. But the learning doesn’t stop as soon as class comes to an end. Taronja organises plenty of very fun, optional activities. In the afternoon, evening and even in the weekends. No chance to get bored here… I’m going to stay longer!
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Nathalie B. Avatar
Nathalie B.
I am student who just finished high school and decided to take a gap year and learn a language. One of my friends was in Taronja School last year for 3 months and she loved it, so she recommended me to spend some time there in Valencia. I spent 6 months in the school and had one of the best times of my life. I arrived with a very low spanish level, and weeks after weeks, I could see my progress. Later in October, I felt confortable enough with my spanish to take the DELE-B2 preparation lessons at the school as well. Coming to Valencia, I never thought I would improve that fast. Even more, the teachers are very nice and pay attention to every student in the class. Finally, what makes the school also so special are the activities, they make it very easy to meet other students and make friends as soon as you arrive. I definitely wanna come back again!
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Ben Eberle Avatar
Ben Eberle
I've been visiting Taronja for years working on my spanish. The staff and the teachers are fantastic!. They mix and combine methods and classes which keeps it interesting and makes for a great experience. They also offer lots of extracurricular activities and are committed to helping you not only learn spanisch but make sure you really enjoy your time in Valencia.
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