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DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course.

Combine these DELE or SIELE exam preparation classes with an intensive course. We remind you that we are a DELE and SIELE examination centre and that you can take the tests at our school.

Do you want to know how many weeks of the intensive course or private lessons you would need to prepare for the exam? Book a meeting with our teachers.

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DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course.

Taronja school is an examination centre for the official DELE and SIELE exams. Below you will find an explanation of these exams. Do you want to know how many weeks of the intensive course or private lessons you would need to prepare for the exam? Book a meeting with our teachers.

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DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course. 1

Private preparation classes for the DELE exam.

The DELE Spanish diplomas are official certifications accrediting the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

To obtain these certifications, exams are offered from level A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The student can decide which one to apply for.

The DELE is a requirement for working or studying in Spain, as many companies and universities ask for it.

DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course. 2

Each exam consists of four tests and is done on paper, in an exam centre and on fixed dates that the Cervantes Institute announces annually. It requires a previous registration and a payment of fees that goes from 100 to 200 euros according to the level. You can check the dates and all the registration information in this link:

How can I prepare for the DELE exam?

Whether you take the test with us or not, Taronja school can help you to prepare to take the test at any level of the CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) that you want to present yourself to. Take your intensive course and complete it with a package of 5 or 10 private DELE classes per week. These are private classes focused specifically on:

• Developing the competences and strategies necessary to face the format of the exam.

• Helping you improve the grammatical, lexical, textual aspects, etc. that you need for the level at which you present yourself.

Taronja is an official DELE exam centre!

You can take the test in Taronja as it is an official exam center. To take your exam you need to enroll. We can help you do it in our office, ask us if you have any questions.

Official exam dates at Taronja

Friday 14th AprilB1, B2, C1Until 15th FebruaryBook your place
Saturday 13th MayB1, B2, C1Until 15th MarchBook your place
Friday 13th OctoberB1, B2Until 06th SeptemberBook your place
Saturday 18th NovemberB1, B2, C1Until 11th OctoberBook your place

Do you want to know how many weeks of the intensive course or private lessons you would need to prepare for the exam? Meet with our teachers.

If you are interested in other exam dates we don’t offer, please let us know and we will suggest you the closest centre where you can take the exam.

DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course. 3

SIELE at Taronja Private preparation classes for the SIELE exam.

SIELE is the International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language that certifies the degree of Spanish proficiency of students and professionals. It is promoted by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires.

The SIELE certificate is obtained through a single multilevel test which certifies the knowledge of Spanish on a scale of points with equivalences to levels A1-C1 of the CEFR. It is internationally recognized by most professional centers and universities in Spain and Latin America, as well as by international organizations in education and languages (the ACTFL in America, the RNCP in France).

The SIELE qualification is valid for 5 year.

This test can be taken online and offers the possibility of performing a global exam (four tests) or a partial exam, through other forms of examination based on the combination of different tests. The exam can be done any day of the year in an accredited centre.

Previous enrolment is required and a payment of fees of between 55 and 155 euros according to the method of examination. You can find all the enrolment information and book the exam following this like:

Taronja is an official SIELE exam centre

You can take the test with us throughout the year on the date that you choose. You just have to talk to us and book it at least 15 days in advance, we will help you with registration. Check all the information a t

You can take the SIELE exam from home

Now you can do SIELE from home, with your computer and supervised by us thanks to technology. This is great news! You no longer have an excuse. More info

The results of the SIELE are received within a maximum period of three weeks and the student can print his certificate or report from the computer application.

Private SIELE preparatory classes at Taronja At TARONJA

We organize your exam date and prepare you to take the SIELE multilevel test, completing your intensive course with a package of 5 or 10 private SIELE classes per week. These are private classes focused on:

• developing the competencies and strategies necessary to manage the time planning and the online format of the exam.

• helping you improve the grammatical, lexical, textual aspects, etc. that you need to be able to obtain the maximum score in each test.


DescriptionDiploma of Spanish language proficiency at
CEFR level (A1-C2).
Certificate of knowledge of Spanish on a point scale with equivalents to CEFR levels (A1-C2)
ValidityIndefinite. Five years.
International recognitionInternational recognition in
formal education systems
(e.g. Brazil, France, Italy), institutions, companies,
universities… In Spain:
Spanish nationality, MIR, FIR, etc.
SIELE is recognized internationally by most professional centers and universities in Spain and Latin America, as well as by international organizations in education and languages (ACTFL in America, RNCP in France).
Format of examinationAt examination centres, on paper, through
international calls
with defined dates.
In examination centers, by appointment. The exam is done online from the exam center.
Inclusion of variations of the Spanish languageYes, particularly from the B1 level Yes, compulsorily, throughout the exam from its start.
Number of exams and levelsSix exams for the adult public: A1 – C2.
Two school exams: A1-A2/B1.
One exam for the adult public in which tasks ranging from A1-C1 are included.
Exam tasks• Reading comprehension.
• Listening comprehension.
• Written expression and interaction.
• Oral expression and interaction.
Full or partial:
• Reading comprehension.
• Listening comprehension.
• Written expression and interaction.
• Oral expression and interaction.
Communication of resultsSuitable or unsuitable on the domain of the level for which the candidate is being examined.A result is always obtained, expressed
in a thousand point scale
with equivalence to the CEFR levels.

If you are interested in doing any of these exams and do not know which one is best for you, when you are in school we can organize an interview with our head of studies to advise you personally without any obligation to proceed.

What do our students think of our Spanish courses?

These are some of the opinions of our students. You give us the prizes!

DELE exam or SIELE exam preparation. With intensive course. 4
Valentina Magli Avatar
Valentina Magli
Great experience! Lovely place, excellent teachers, studend care, nice environment!
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Marilyn Drews Avatar
Marilyn Drews
As a retired teacher (university) I was very impressed with the techniques used by the instructors. The classes are engaging; the teachers are motivating and supportive. I enjoyed the diversity of students in the classroom ( countries and ages). At the beginning of each week learning outcomes are presented. Then each class starts with a review of the days learning outcomes and ends with a recap of achievements-- theory, activities, and new words. Each class offers ample opportunities to practice new skills with a wide range of activities. Everyone has numerous chances to speak in every class with carefully crafted activities that are inclusive and fun. The small group size adds to the comfort for those of us who are intimidated with learning new skills.
Classes are pitched at each student's level based on a written assessment. However, during the morning of the first class each person can assess how comfortable they are with the material. They can then move to a higher or lower level class that will more closely meet their personal learning needs.
The school also offers a wide range of activities which further engages learners with more ways to practice language skills as well as to learn about the culture of Spain. I will do another post about my decision to study in Valencia
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5 star rating
La miglior scuola di Valencia Sono stata in questa scuola ad agosto 2014 per due settimane.
Alloggiavo negli appartamenti con altri studenti convenzionati con la scuola.
Posso considerare questa esperienza, la più bella mia vita, grazie anche a questa fantastica scuola.
Le lezioni si svolgevano 4 ore al mattino o al pomeriggio, a giorni alterni.
Ogni due ore si cambiava professore e le lezioni non erano noiose e teoriche, ma interattive con giochi, in modo da parlare il più possibile imparando la lingua.
Ogni sera c'era un'attività organizzata.
Il lunedì c'era il tapas tour, il martedì il paella party il giovedì il beach volley e durante il weekend organizzavano o qualche escursione o serate in discoteca.
E' una grande famiglia, che ti permette di conoscere gente da tutto il mondo, praticare la lingua 24 ore al giorno e divertirti.
I professori erano tutti simpaticissimi e preparati.
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5 star rating
Оно того стоит Были каникулы в университете, и решила на недельку поехать в Испанию,заодно и испанский получить. Очень классный опыт, даже за неделю я почувствовала, как мой испанский с почти нуля дотянули до основ. Очень вдохновляющие, разные совершенно люди из разных стран были в классах и на мероприятиях, много классных знакомств случилось. Если хотите много практиковать испанский, то вперёд. Ещё в семью заселитесь - не будете говорить ни на русском ни английском вообще. Я общалась с хост мамой с помощью переводчика на телефоне
Учителя преподают не скучно. Мероприятия не дают сидеть дома.
Единственный минус то, что иногда учишься по вечерам, мне было очень тяжело.
И, конечно, самое грустное - уехать после одной недели. Кто-то приезжает на 3 месяца, кто-то на 6,кто-то переехал совсем. А ты погружаешься в эту атмосферу и уезжаешь через неделю. 🙁
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Alessandro Schuler Avatar
Alessandro Schuler
?? (?? & ?? ⬇️⬇️)
Sehr positive Erfahrungen!
Ich habe die Spanisch-Sprachschule Taronja in Valencia 2018 für 4 Wochen und dann erneut 2019 für 3 Wochen besucht. Mein Eindruck ist absolut positiv und ich kann jedem meiner Freunde nur dazu raten, solltet ihr euch für eine kleine Sprachreise in Spanien interessieren.
Die Kurse bei Taronja sind inhaltlich super organisiert und der Lernfortschritt ist durch die recht kleinen Gruppengrößen (ca. 5 Personen plus/minus) immens. Sämtliches Lehrmaterial wird bereitgestellt. Alle Lehrer sind sehr kompetent, freundlich und engagiert. Die Unterrichtseinheiten sind zu 99,5% in spanisch.
Neben der klassischen Unterrichtsform wird auch mit Hilfe von Spielen gelehrt. Wir haben je Woche musiziert, gesungen, getanzt und gekocht. Die eingesetzten Medien (Youtube, Apps, Whiteboards, ...) sind sehr neumodisch. Wünsche oder Ideen der Schüler wurden aufgeschnappt und der Unterricht dementsprechend individuell angepasst.
Neben den eigentlichen Kursen bietet Taronja eine Vielzahl an zusätzlichen sozialen Aktivitäten am Abend an. Man hat wirklich das Gefühl in die spanische Kultur integriert zu werden.
Valencia hat als Stadt einiges zu bieten und es herrscht ein sehr angenehmes maritimes Klima.
Very positive experience!
I visited the spanish language school Taronja in Valencia for 4 weeks in 2018 and for 3 weeks in 2019. My impression is absolutely positive and therefore I‘d like to encourage all of my friends in case you are interested in attending a language school in Spain.
The courses at Taronja are super organized and you can learn in a fast pace due to the small groups (around 5 students per class). All the learning material is provided by Taronja. All the teachers are very competent, friendly and motivated. Nearly 99,5% of the lessons are Spanish.
Besides the traditional style of classes, you also learn by playing games. Every week we plyed music, we danced, we sang and we cooked. They used innovative media (youtube, applications, whiteboards, ...). Student‘s wishes or ideas were considered and the lessons were adjusted accordingly.
In addition to the official lessons, Taronja offers a lot of social activities during the afternoon and evening. Thus you have the impression you become easily integrated to the Spanish culture.
Valencia as a town is very interesting and offers a lot of possibilities, combined with a maritime climate.
¡Experiencias muy positivas!
Tuve clases de español en la escuela Taronja en Valencia durante 4 semanas en el 2018 y 3 semanas en el 2019. Mi impresión es absolutamente positiva y solo puedo aconsejar a cada uno de mis amigos si estás interesado en un pequeño viaje de idiomas en España.
Los cursos en Taronja son súper organizados. El progreso del aprendizaje es inmenso debido a los tamaños de grupos bastante pequeños (aproximadamente 5 personas más o menos). Se proporciona todo el material didáctico. Todos los profesores son muy competentes y además son muy amigables y motivados. 99,5% de las clases son en español.
Además de la forma de enseñanza clásica, también se enseña mediante juegos. Tocábamos música, cantábamos, bailábamos y cocinábamos cada semana. Los medios utilizados (youtube, aplicaciones, la pizarra técnica,...) son de última tecnología. También los profesores recogían los deseos o ideas de los estudiantes y adaptaban las clases en consecuencia.
Además de los cursos teóricos, Taronja ofrece una variedad de actividades sociales adicionales por la tarde / noche. Realmente tienes la sensación de estar integrado en la cultura española.
Valencia tiene mucho que ofrecer como ciudad y hay un clima marítimo muy agradable.
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Kitty Durinck Avatar
Kitty Durinck
Heel leuke ervaring, een super team leerkrachten en medewerkers, heel veel bijgeleerd....een aanrader !
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Eva S Avatar
Eva S
Entering the school through a beautiful massive and decorative door (on a street where you’d love to have your coffee and lunchbreaks), the inside will surprise you even more: an explosion of colours, art and atmosphere. And that’s what the teachers carry out too: such passion and enthusiasm.
But the learning doesn’t stop as soon as class comes to an end.
Taronja organises plenty of very fun, optional activities. In the afternoon, evening and even in the weekends. No chance to get bored here… I’m going to stay longer!
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5 star rating
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