The best places to have a picnic in Valencia

Enjoy a nice picnic in Valencia. They say that spring is in the air. This season also brings good weather, which in Valencia translates into mild and pleasant temperatures, ideal for an outdoor lunch or snack.

Here are some of the best places for picnics in Valencia (some of them are very close to our school, and are perfect for a break between your lessons or when you finish your Spanish classes).

Picnic in Valencia

Old Turia riverbed

Picnic in the Turia riverbed

The old Turia riverbed is a large urban garden, about 10 kilometres long, combining the hustle and bustle of a big city with the tranquillity of an open-air green space. In the Turia riverbed, there are plenty of areas to sit and enjoy nature.

Cabecera Park

The Parque de Cabecera is the name given to the first section of the old Turia riverbed. It is divided into several areas: the Bosque de la Ribera, the Plataforma Mirador, the Bioparc and the Parque de Atracciones.

Bioparc de Valencia

Viveros Gardens

The Royal Gardens, also called “Viveros”, is an urban public park very close to the centre of Valencia. They are next to Avenida de Blasco Ibáñez, where one of the most important university campuses of the city is located. They are a very popular place for Valencians to visit, especially during the spring.

Viveros Gardens, Valencia

Marina (La Marina)

La Marina is the name given to the old port of Valencia, nowadays converted into a public space of more than one million square metres where you can spend a perfect day outdoors. In the area, you will find many places to sit, chat, enjoy the scenery and the sea breeze and, why not, eat a good sandwich.

La marina de Valencia

Patacona Beach

Despite being an urban beach, Patacona is quite quiet and is a good place to have a picnic now that the good weather is here. If you are visiting Valencia for the first time, we recommend you take a walk from the Hotel las Arenas to your favourite spot in Patacona, sit in front of the sea and enjoy your lunch or snack, alone or in company.

Patacona Beach, Valencia

Huerta de Valencia-Alboraya

Although this plan involves leaving the city of Valencia, Alboraya is another option you can consider. You can rent a bicycle and take a route to visit some of the most emblematic farmhouses in the area (the route goes from Ca Roc, near the Colegio Mayor Ausiàs March, to Pont del Moro (Paseo de Aragón). The route lasts about an hour, and you can stop for a break wherever you like.

Alboraya, Valencia

Central Park

Central Park is a new green lung for Valencia. It is close to the centre (behind the Estación del Norte, in the Ruzafa and Malilla areas). It has different spots for a variety of activities, including slides, sliding platforms and a climbing wall. It also has a vegetable garden and a variety of activities.

Central Park Valencia

Tips for an urban picnic in Valencia:

  1. Check your “basket” before leaving home. Don’t forget to bring napkins, glasses, a checkered tablecloth, a mat or a blanket if you are going to sit on the ground.
  2. Prepare healthy food. You can bring fruit, sandwiches, healthy snacks, etc. It is also important that the food at your picnic can be eaten with your hands.
  3. Hydration comes first, so make sure you pack water or other beverages in your backpack.
  4. Use reusable tableware to reduce the use of plastic. You can take Tupperware, metal lunch boxes and thermoses, refillable bottles, etc.
  5. Don’t forget the rubbish bags. Because, as well as taking care of the environment, you will have to pick up any rubbish or food you may generate.
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The best places to have a picnic in Valencia 2
Kim Jautze Avatar
Kim Jautze
I’ve been at the Taronja school for only one week but I’ve had a great experience with the teachers, the methods that they use (which are super interactive and fun) and the organization of the school. I would definitely recommend this school if you want to learn Spanish in Spain!
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Marilyn Drews Avatar
Marilyn Drews
As a retired teacher (university) I was very impressed with the techniques used by the instructors. The classes are engaging; the teachers are motivating and supportive. I enjoyed the diversity of students in the classroom ( countries and ages). At the beginning of each week learning outcomes are presented. Then each class starts with a review of the days learning outcomes and ends with a recap of achievements-- theory, activities, and new words. Each class offers ample opportunities to practice new skills with a wide range of activities. Everyone has numerous chances to speak in every class with carefully crafted activities that are inclusive and fun. The small group size adds to the comfort for those of us who are intimidated with learning new skills.
Classes are pitched at each student's level based on a written assessment. However, during the morning of the first class each person can assess how comfortable they are with the material. They can then move to a higher or lower level class that will more closely meet their personal learning needs.
The school also offers a wide range of activities which further engages learners with more ways to practice language skills as well as to learn about the culture of Spain. I will do another post about my decision to study in Valencia
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5 star rating
Une expérience et des rencontres inoubliables Taronja est une excellente école avec des professeurs qui aiment leur travail et une ambiance toujours joyeuse ! Située en plein centre de la ville, il y a de nombreuses choses à faire très proche sans compter les activités organisées tous les jours par l'école. C'est une excellente alternative pour celles et ceux qui souhaitent voyager seuls mais qui aiment la compagnie et les nouvelles rencontres. Les cours sont variés et ne durent pas trop de temps ce qui laissent du temps pour visiter et profiter de la vida espanola ! 🙂 J'y retourne pour une 3e et non dernière fois, je la conseille à quiconque aime apprendre les langues et est intéressé de découvrir la culture espagnole de manière différente qu'en étant un simple touriste !
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Daire Fallon Avatar
Daire Fallon
I did a 3 week summer Spanish course in the school.
I highly recommend. I'm a teacher myself and was very impressive by the communicative methods and the quality of the teaching.
The school offers a wonderful Co curricular programme and we really enjoyed the activities, including a tapas crawl and lots of cultural events plus a beach party.
Totally recommended.
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Alis F Avatar
Alis F
5 star rating
4 week intensive course I spent 4 weeks at Taronja on their intensive course (20hrs/week with 4hrs of lessons each day). Class times alternated between the morning and afternoon which meant plenty of free time to enjoy the city. The teachers made sure lessons were interesting and varied, and organised lots of different activities during the evenings at which you were encouraged to practice speaking Spanish. I would highly recommend Taronja!
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Andrea Maria Bokler Avatar
Andrea Maria Bokler
Taronja is a wonderful place to be. The atmosphere is pleasant, always a friendly and warm welcome and it makes it easy to feel at home in Valencia. I like the style of teaching at Taronja: it is innovative and creative. The people at Taronja are passionate about their work, are in it with their hearts and love to teach. I benefited a lot from the special combination of learning a language and exploring the culture with all my senses (e.g. cooking class). I can warmly recommend Taronja...
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Liv Hayoz Avatar
Liv Hayoz
It‘s my second week at Taronja Spanish School and I absolutely love it. The teachers and students are all very likeable and it’s easy to get to know new people. The classes are great because the focus is on the speaking but they still teach grammar just in a more interesting way. Also the activities are awesome. They are all different so everyone finds something they like. All students are in a good mood and enjoying Valencia.
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Will Douglas Avatar
Will Douglas
La escuela estaba muy divertida, había actividades cada día y los personas que vienen son muy simpática. De verdad la experiencia estuvo fantástico y mi español ha mejorado mucho, yo sé necesito mejorar más pero si yo pude quedar más tiempo en esta escuela yo tendría fluidez español rápido.
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