DELE certificate was created in Spain in 1988 and is the only official diploma that is valid abroad. DELE is a prerequisite for working in the main Spanish companies (e.g. Inditex, Telefónica, Santander, Repsol, etc.) and to study in the majority of the universities in our country.


DELE course consists of 20 lessons/week, four lessons a day, during 4 weeks, focused only on the preparation of the DELE exam of the chosen level.

DELE has five examination sessions per year: in April,May, July , October and November. Here, in TARONJA school, we will prepare you like no other school for this exam in order to obtain this official title. 90% of TARONJA students have passed the DELE exam in the last years (and this is a FACT!)

Taronja School is an official DELE examination center.


A1-A2: For these two levels the school does not have a specific preparation course because they are easy exams to pass (if you have a basic knowledge of Spanish). If you want to apply to one of these exams, we recommend you to take a 4-8 standard intensive course (depending on which of the 2 exams you want to take). This should be more than enough preparation.

B1-B2-C1: TARONJA School has a special preparation course for each one of these levels, which are the most demanded by international companies and universities.

C2: For this level the school does not have an specific course because it is a very complicated exam which requires an individualized preparation. If you want us to help you prepare, we recommend you to take a private lessons pack.


At Taronja it is possible to do an official DELE exam for the levels B2 and C1. At our school our own teachers examine the students. We have courses to prepare for the levels B2 and C1 at specific dates. The preparatory courses will start 4 weeks before the official DELE exam. If you want to sign up for the exam, it is necessary to have the same level of the exam you would like to do.

Saturday, 19 May 28 March Monday, 23 April B1 - B2 - C1
Friday, 13rd July 24th May NO B1 - B2 - C1
Friday, 05th October 22nd August NO B1 - B2
Saturday, 10th November 03rd October Monday, 15th October B! - B2 - C1



8004 weeks

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