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  • 5 cours de conversation privée.
  • Durée d'une leçon 50 min.
  • Matériel inclus.
  • Certifié.
  • Tu apprendras à faire des hypothèses, analyser, comparer, argumenter, évaluer des propositions et exprimer des désirs tant dans le présent que dans le passé.


Avancé 3

Entrez et échangez du contenu culturel à travers des simulations réelles et apprenez des choses qui n'apparaissent pas dans les manuels.

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Au cours de cette session, nous recommanderons les films et les spectacles que nous aimons et n’aimons pas en termes de styles de films et d’acteurs ou d’actrices. Nous allons faire des hypothèses sur des films inconnus et échanger des panneaux d’affichage de nos pays. Pour faire cela, nous travaillerons sur les temps indicatif et subjonctif, l’impératif, les phrases conditionnelles et nous élargirons notre vocabulaire sur le cinéma.

Au cours de cette session, nous apprendrons et partagerons les lois et protocoles qui défendent l’environnement et les comparerons avec ceux d’autres pays. Nous apprendrons le vocabulaire relatif à la nature et aux catastrophes naturelles et nous donnerons notre avis et réfléchirons à l’effet des êtres humains sur celle-ci. Pour faire cela, nous travaillerons sur les temps indicatifs et subjonctifs, le style indirect et les condamnations avec sursis.

Au cours de cette session, nous échangerons des informations sur nos maisons, nos voisins, notre vie quotidienne. Nous nous donnerons mutuellement des recommandations et nous expliquerons un peu notre mode de vie et celui des gens qui nous entourent, entre autres choses. Pour faire cela, nous allons simuler un échange de maison. Nous utiliserons le subjonctif présent et passé, l’impératif, et le lexique relatif au logement et aux relations personnelles.

Au cours de cette session, nous parlerons des premières impressions et de l’effet erroné que ces premiers jugements ont souvent. Nous réfléchirons sur les apparences et l’importance que nous leur accordons dans nos pays respectifs. Nous utiliserons les peines avec sursis, les temps indicatifs et subjonctifs, et le lexique relatif à la physique et au caractère.

Au cours de cette session, nous réfuterons et réaffirmerons des sujets typiques afin de connaître nos pays et régions en profondeur. Nous parlerons de la culture, des visites incontournables, de la gastronomie et des modes de vie d’un point de vue autochtone. Nous utiliserons des structures de recommandation, des temps indicatifs et subjonctifs et un lexique lié à la gastronomie, aux villes, aux zones culturelles, aux thèmes et aux clichés.

Que pensent nos étudiants de nos cours d’espagnol?

Voici quelques-unes des opinions de nos étudiants. Vous nous donnez les récompenses!

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Alicia Kaleja Avatar
Alicia Kaleja
Going there was the best decision ever ! �
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Hristina Yordanova Avatar
Hristina Yordanova
Estupenda escuela, amables profesores, muchas actividades y una experiencia de vida fenomenal! I did an intensive course at Taronja last summer and all I can say is it was an amazing, unforgettable experience. Everything is organised very well, relaxed study environment and a certain way to make you love the language even more. Very sociable, amusing and the location is just perfect. Not to mention that Valencia is such a lovely place that since then I have been dreaming of moving there for good. I will definitely do a course there again and I would recommend it to everyone :-)))
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Caitriona Cuddy Avatar
Caitriona Cuddy
I would highly recommend this language school, with its competent teachers who are innovative and interested in their students. The material used is always of an excellent standard. The school has two bright buildings and there is a calendar of events each week both for students attending and those taking classes online.
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5 star rating
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Lee Freeman Avatar
Lee Freeman
I spent a fantastic week at Taronja in May 2019. The booking process was really straightforward (and I appreciated being able to sort out my accommodation through the school too) albeit a little embarrassing when recording a video of myself to have my level assessed 🙈. The booking information I received indicated that someone would be there to greet me at the accommodation upon arrival, but this wasn't the case – I didn't mind though because I'm a grown up and don't really need looking out for like that. The teachers and supporting staff were really friendly and helpful. The classes were challenging and taught entirely in Spanish, which I think is really beneficial and, for the level I was at (~B1), falling back to English shouldn't really be necessary. In the week I was there we alternated between days studying grammar (the present subjunctive) and more 'relaxing' days where we dived deeper into other topics such as ser/estar and por/para (though I would have been happier doing even more grammar studies, but maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment). I think what really stood out about my week at Taronja was the effort put into the social activities. There were things to do every evening and a weekend excursion had been organized too (but unfortunately I had to fly home that day and couldn't attend), so even if you arrive as a solo learner/traveller, you'll be able to find people to hang out with fairly quickly. In case it isn't clear, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend studying at Taronja, however I feel that attending for 1 week simply wasn't enough. Many of the people I met were staying for any amount of time from 3 weeks to 3 months. It's for this reason that I intend to return to Taronja next month for 2 weeks to try and really press on with improving my Spanish (and escape the miserable Dutch summer).
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Finn mullins Avatar
Finn mullins
Superb course and lovely teachers, willing to give you their time and attention to solving complicated questions and issues within the Castellano Spanish language. Really benefited from this course. It has a more speaking approach instead of an examination. They want you to be fluent not pass a test.
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Ksenia_shinshilla Avatar
5 star rating
Great school of Spanish language Several years ago I've studied at Taronja school for 2 weeks and it was a great time that I still remember. The teachers were enthusiastic and spent a lot of time with there students not only in classes but also during extracurricular activities. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in just 2 weeks in Valencia. I still remember this great time and I would love to come back to the beautiful city of Valencia and this wonderful school!
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Seha Liah Avatar
Seha Liah
Tout !!!...
Les profs, les organisateurs, l'ambiance, les cours, les activités extra-cours, tout est génial !!! allez y ! 😀 <3
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