Logement à Valence

L’école Taronja propose différents types d’hébergement à Valence, en fonction des besoins de nos étudiants. Tu peux choisir entre : appartement partagé, famille et studio privé. Nous pouvons également te proposer d’autres types de logement, tels que des hôtels et des appartements individuels. Contactez-nous pour connaître la disponibilité.

Appartement partagé 1Appartement partagé 2Appartement partagé 3
Salle de bainPrivéPartagéPartagé
Les parties communes avec service de nettoyage Une fois par semaineTous les 15 joursNon inclus
VentilateurAppartement partagé 4Appartement partagé 5Appartement partagé 5
ChauffageAppartement partagé 4Appartement partagé 4Appartement partagé 5
WIFIAppartement partagé 4Appartement partagé 4Appartement partagé 4
Description généraleSi la différence de prix ne vous dérange pas, vous disposerez de votre propre chambre et de votre propre salle de bain.
Les parties communes de nos appartements sont nettoyées hebdomadairement. Ils sont situés près de l’école, toujours accessibles à pied.
Nos appartements sont modernes et comprennent une cuisine toute équipée. Pour le linge, chaque appartement dispose d’une machine à laver et d’un sèche-linge. Vous partagerez les parties communes avec vos colocataires.
Ces appartements sont confortables et modernes. Ils se situent dans le centre de Valence.
Bien que la propreté et le rangement dépendent des personnes qui partagent le logement, ces appartements incluent un service de nettoyage bimensuel des parties communes
Ils disposent d’une cuisine entièrement équipée (réfrigérateur et machine à laver). Avec cette chambre, vous partagerez la salle de bain ainsi que la cuisine et le salon avec vos colocataires mais vous disposerez de votre propre chambre.
Ces appartements sont modestes mais ont l’avantage d’être dans un quartier agréable et peu cher.
Ils disposent d’une cuisine entièrement équipée (réfrigérateur et machine à laver). Avec cette chambre, vous partagerez la salle de bain ainsi que la cuisine et le salon avec vos colocataires mais vous disposerez de votre propre chambre.
La propreté et l’entretien de ces appartements dépendent des personnes qui y vivent. Vous devez donc être aussi respectueux et ordonné que possible.

L'hébergement est disponible UNIQUEMENT lors de la réservation d'un cours

* Appartements sous réserve de disponibilité. Avant de réserver, veuillez nous contacter.
** Prix estimé susceptible d'être modifié en fonction de la saison.
*** Le séjour minimum dans les appartements en colocation est de 3 mois.

Appartement partagé

Date de début
Jours supplémentaires+40

Services inclus:

Appartement partagé 14
Droit d’utiliser la cuisine (entièrement équipée avec vaisselle, couverts, casseroles, réfrigérateur, machine à laver).
Appartement partagé 15
Appartement partagé 16
1 un double des clés
Appartement partagé 17
Appartement partagé 18
Arrivée le dimanche et départ le samedi.

Vous devez payer une caution pour les dommages à l’arrivée

Services supplémentaires avec supplément de prix:

  • Nuits supplémentaires

Ce que tu ne trouveras pas dans l’appartement:

  • Serviettes de toilette
  • Sèche-cheveux
  • Climatisation
  • Coffre-fort
Appartement partagé 19

Que pensent nos étudiants de nos cours d’espagnol?

Voici quelques-unes des opinions de nos étudiants. Vous nous donnez les récompenses!

Appartement partagé 20
Roderick C Avatar
Roderick C
5 star rating
Great Week at Taronja Both my children have been to Taronja to work on their their Spanish (my daughter four times so far) and have both made excellent progress. Then, at long last, Dad made it too! I was looking for an advanced course, which can be difficult to find in smaller schools so it was great to find somewhere that can offer courses at a more demanding level, and even better, that are well taught. All this was backed up with daily printouts of the topics and new vocabulary that arose as we went along. Plenty of great extracurricular laid on outside the formal teaching. Inevitably this was better suited for those a wee bit younger than myself but my two (18 and 21) had an absolute ball! I opted to stay with a Spanish family and was very lucky to be assigned someone who was not only great company but who upon discovering it was my birthday, even laid on a birthday party for me!
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Ashleigh E Avatar
Ashleigh E
5 star rating
Great experience! Taronja is a great school to study Spanish. The course includes a schedule of social events where you have the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about Spanish culture, and practice your Spanish. The teachers are wonderful, I highly recommend!
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Will Douglas Avatar
Will Douglas
La escuela estaba muy divertida, había actividades cada día y los personas que vienen son muy simpática. De verdad la experiencia estuvo fantástico y mi español ha mejorado mucho, yo sé necesito mejorar más pero si yo pude quedar más tiempo en esta escuela yo tendría fluidez español rápido.
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Claire Rice Avatar
Claire Rice
I am a retired language teacher (at high school and university level ) and as such I feel I can offer a qualified opinion on the teaching method of the Taronja staff. I am pleased to give it 5 stars. All lessons were well prepared, engaging and fun. All staff members were supportive yet challenging. I was pleasantly surprised not to feel my age as a handicap among students largely much younger than me. I had fun with them and met many other older students as well. As to the activities offered by the school, there were so many of them that you could pick and choose. My husband (studying at a different level than mine) and I, did exactly that. We didn't go to all but enjoyed what we had chosen. We enjoyed the cooking class, the songs, the movies, the Saturday excursion. I saw a critic among the reviews concerning a bull fight and I thought that was totally out of line. If you disagree with an offered activity that is part of the culture you are supposedly trying to learn about, just don't go. But don't blame the school for offering other people with different values than yours a chance to experience that activity! Anyway, we had such a good experience that we are seriously thinking about going back to study in Taronja next spring for a couple of weeks at least. Well done Taronja staff, the whole team, teachers, office staff, organizers. We loved the school, we adored Valencia. We will be back. Thank you all so much!
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Ruth Weinheimer Avatar
Ruth Weinheimer
Liebevoll und leidenschaftlich geführte Sprachschule mit qualitativ sehr hohem, abwechslungsreichem Unterricht und sehr engagierten Lehrern. Man kann schnell und intensiv mit viel Spaß unheimlich viel lernen. Vielen Dank!
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Eva S Avatar
Eva S
Entering the school through a beautiful massive and decorative door (on a street where you’d love to have your coffee and lunchbreaks), the inside will surprise you even more: an explosion of colours, art and atmosphere. And that’s what the teachers carry out too: such passion and enthusiasm. But the learning doesn’t stop as soon as class comes to an end. Taronja organises plenty of very fun, optional activities. In the afternoon, evening and even in the weekends. No chance to get bored here… I’m going to stay longer!
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5 star rating
No Regrets! Ero alla ricerca di un'esperienza estiva differente, qualcosa che potesse permettermi di accrescere il mio bagaglio culturale e perché no di crescere, conoscere gente migliorare una lingua che sempre mi ha affascinato, così ho deciso: me ne vado in Spagna, a Valencia (ne ho sentito parlare così tanto che mi son detto devo assolutamente andarci). Così inizio la mia ricerca di scuole, ne vedo un pò inizio a fare le prime indagini perché comunque si vuol sempre andare in un posto che ti faccia star bene, ne vedo una, due però nessuna che mi abbia fatto scattare la "scintilla" finché non mi imbatto nella scuola TARONJA, inizio a visitare il loro sito a leggere un pò di recensioni cosi li contatto, è che dire i piccoli dettagli fanno la differenza, assistenza e cordialità fin da subito, dalla prima email è cosi ho deciso che è qui che avrei passato le mie 2 settimane. Un'esperienza stupenda che porterò sempre con me, che non vedo l'ora di ripetere il prima possibile. In Taronja si respira un ambiente familiare, tutto lo staff è sempre disponibile, simpatico e meritano un sentito complimento. I prof sono tutti giovani quindi imparare e migliorarsi diventa molto più facile. Cosa fondamentale sono le attività organizzate dalla scuola avrete sempre qualcosa da fare e non è mai qualcosa di noioso! Sono felicissimo della mia scelta!
Hasta pronto Taronja!
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sophie e Avatar
sophie e
5 star rating
Brilliant school, good activities Absolutely brilliant, I've attended other schools to learn Spainish, and by far is the best. Good teachers, good learning pace, lots of vocab work and lots of opportunities to practice speaking. Classes are good mix of grammar, and practical things to say and there out of school options are by far the best. If you're learning in Valencia this is the school I recommend to study at by far!!
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