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  • 5 cours de conversation privée.
  • Durée du cours 50 minutes.
  • Matériel inclus.
  • Certifié.
  • Parle de toi, donne ton avis, décrive, recommande et fais des hypothèses en utilisant les structures de l'indicatif actuel.



Ayez un premier contact avec l'espagnol et apprenez le vocabulaire le plus important à travers des situations de communication réelles.


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Dans cette tâche, nous parlerons de nous et des choses que nous aimons ou n’aimons pas. Nous apprendrons à réagir aux présentations dans différents pays et à demander des informations personnelles. Pour ce faire, nous nous poserons des questions, nous pratiquerons le vocabulaire des loisirs et du temps libre, nous utiliserons des structures indicatives du présent, des marqueurs de discours et des structures d’opinion.

Dans cette tâche, nous parlerons de nos actions quotidiennes, de nos horaires et de nos coutumes et les comparerons avec ceux d’autres pays. Nous allons également donner des conseils et des avis sur nos habitudes quotidiennes. Pour ce faire, nous poserons des questions, parlerons de la fréquence en utilisant les structures indicatives du présent, les verbes réflexifs et le lexique relatif aux actions habituelles.

Dans cette tâche, nous allons décrire notre maison, donner des conseils, donner notre avis et créer une liste des tâches et des règles du ménage. Pour ce faire, nous utiliserons des structures d’opinion, placerons des adverbes et présenterons des structures indicatives et nous pratiquerons le lexique de la maison et des objets domestiques.

Dans le cadre de cette tâche, nous échangerons des recettes typiques de notre pays et apprendrons à connaître ses aliments typiques et leur origine. Para ello, vamos a hacer preguntas, recomendaciones, y hablar sobre nuestras costumbres practicando léxico de cocina, alimentos y platos típicos utilizando estructuras de presente de indicativo, marcadores de discurso y estructuras de opinión.

Dans cette tâche, nous apprendrons à exprimer la douleur, à connaître les différentes parties du corps et les spécialistes qui les traitent. Pour ce faire, nous parlerons des actions et des situations communes qui incitent les gens à aller chez le médecin et nous apprendrons également à connaître et à comparer le système de santé de notre pays avec celui d’autres pays.

Que pensent nos étudiants de nos cours d’espagnol?

Voici quelques-unes des opinions de nos étudiants. Vous nous donnez les récompenses!

Basique 1
5 star rating
Bellissima esperienza Taronja non è solo una scuola ma è un’esperienza.
La scuola Taronja è l’ideale per chi vuole divertirsi, vivere il mare e al contempo imparare lo spagnolo.
I professori sono tutti giovanissimi e preparati; si vede che hanno voglia di fare il loro lavoro e sono sempre disponibili.
Il punto di forza è il programma settimanale della scuola, in cui, per ogni giorno, si organizzano attività extra (la maggior parte gratuite) che vanno dalla paella di benvenuto alle feste in discoteca o in piscina.
Come studenti si possono incontrare tedeschi, svizzeri e ovviamente molti italiani, con fasce d'età ben distribuite.
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5 star rating
Scuola di spagnolo a Valencia Sono tornato alla Taronja School a Valencia e come la prima volta ho ritrovato ragazzi motivati simpatici, divertenti e molto originali ma anche molto professionali, efficaci e ben organizzati.
E’ stata di nuovo una bella esperienza … grazie ragazzi!!!
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Caitriona Cuddy Avatar
Caitriona Cuddy
I would highly recommend this language school, with its competent teachers who are innovative and interested in their students. The material used is always of an excellent standard. The school has two bright buildings and there is a calendar of events each week both for students attending and those taking classes online.
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Elizabeth Watson Avatar
Elizabeth Watson
Profesores Excepcionales y instrucción único. ¡Voy a volver!
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Elena De Lazzari Avatar
Elena De Lazzari
Hi guys! I'm Elena, a 30yo Italian girl from Venice. I spent 3 weeks in the beautiful city of Valencia 4 years ago, it was my first vacation in Spain and I decided to start learning the language doing a course in Taronja. What a great choice! Days passed by super quickly, I really enjoyed the time I spent there as I felt part of a huge family. They propose interesting activities every day and night and during the week end, supporting people in interacting and meeting new friends. I learnt a lot, Professors were kind and professional and the method they use is the best I tried up to now. I planned my vacations in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid, always matching with Spanish lessons, during the following 3 years but Taronja remains my favourite. Swapping courses timing every day gives you a lot of free time to go to the beach or visit the city. Nice idea the cooking lessons, too! Super positive feedback for you guys! That's why I decided to come back this August to spend a month with you! See you soon Elena
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Alicia Kaleja Avatar
Alicia Kaleja
Going there was the best decision ever ! �
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Nathalie B. Avatar
Nathalie B.
I am student who just finished high school and decided to take a gap year and learn a language. One of my friends was in Taronja School last year for 3 months and she loved it, so she recommended me to spend some time there in Valencia. I spent 6 months in the school and had one of the best times of my life. I arrived with a very low spanish level, and weeks after weeks, I could see my progress. Later in October, I felt confortable enough with my spanish to take the DELE-B2 preparation lessons at the school as well. Coming to Valencia, I never thought I would improve that fast. Even more, the teachers are very nice and pay attention to every student in the class. Finally, what makes the school also so special are the activities, they make it very easy to meet other students and make friends as soon as you arrive. I definitely wanna come back again!
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Ksenia_shinshilla Avatar
5 star rating
Great school of Spanish language Several years ago I've studied at Taronja school for 2 weeks and it was a great time that I still remember. The teachers were enthusiastic and spent a lot of time with there students not only in classes but also during extracurricular activities. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in just 2 weeks in Valencia. I still remember this great time and I would love to come back to the beautiful city of Valencia and this wonderful school!
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