Guide to the Fallas of Valencia

Fallas of Valencia: These are the events you have to keep in mind to enjoy a good time

Las Fallas is the most important popular festival in Valencia. Known all over the world, they were declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by UNESCO, and are one of the main tourist attractions of our city.

Monument of the Fallas of Valencia.

During the Fallas, the streets of Valencia are filled with music, colour and a good atmosphere, and everyone is invited to enjoy them!

From Taronja School we have prepared a summary of the most important events of the Fallas of Valencia. You can’t miss them!

Most important events of the Fallas

Falleras dressed in the traditional costume of the Fallas of Valencia.

The Fallas of Valencia are held from the 14th to the 19th of March. However, the celebrations begin a few days earlier.

1.   La Cridà:

The last Sunday in February is a very important event for all falleros: the Cridà, where the mayor of the city and the Falleras Mayores invite the Valencians to live this festival with joy.

The Crida take place at Torres de Serrano, very close to our Spanish school. At this popular event, there will be a light, sound and fireworks show.

Event announcing the start of the Fallas in Valencia

2. Ninot Parade:

The Ninot Parade is a popular event that fills the streets of the centre of Valencia with colour.
This is a costume parade in which all the Fallas of the city participate. You can see floats filled with colours, and people dressed up, all set to music and dances.

During the Fallas in Valencia there are many fireworks

3.   Mascletás and fireworks displays:

1 to 19 March. Gunpowder and noise are two of the protagonists of the Fallas in Valencia and are one of the main peculiarities of this festival. In Valencia, there are mascletás every day, from the 1st to the 19th of March, at 14:00 hours, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The most important fireworks displays will take place on 26 February, 15 March, 18 March and 19 March. You can also see castles on 14, 16 and 17 March.

La Mascleta, a gunpowder show during the day

4.   Plantà:

The Plantà is one of the most important events of the Fallas. Have you seen the big colourful figures and sculptures that are placed in the streets during the Fallas? Well, they are called “Monumentos Falleros”, and they are the origin and the main focus of these festivities.

There are Fallas Monuments for children (smaller) and adults. The smaller ones are placed (planted, hence the name) in the streets in the early hours of 14-15 March. The adult ones, in the early hours of 15 to 16 March. When all the Fallas Monuments are on the streets, the Fallas begin!

5.   The Ofrenda de las Fallas (The offering of flowers):

The Ofrenda de las Fallas is held on the afternoon of the 17th and 18th of March. The falleros wear the traditional Valencian costume and bring flowers to their patron saint: the Mare de Déu. With the flowers carried by all the falleros, an image of the Virgen de los Desamparados is constructed, weighing 15 kilos and measuring 1.43 meters. The crown with rays has a diameter of 2.64 meters. The mantle measures 2.50 meters in height, with a total height of 6.70 meters and weighs around 525 kilos, not including the flowers.

The offering of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia

6.   Nit del Foc:

On the evening of 18th March, the “Nit del Foc” (Night of Fire) is celebrated. On this day, the fireworks displays all over the city are especially long, beautiful and crowded. To enjoy them, you can go to the old Turia riverbed.

7.   Cremà:

March 19th is the most important day of the Fallas in Valencia. At 18:00, in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, the “Cabalgata del Fuego”, a colourful street show, will take place. At night, all the Fallas are burnt.

The Fallas of Valencia ends with the burning of all the monuments

5 plans to live the Fallas like a Valencian:

If this is the first time you visit Valencia during Fallas, we recommend you:

1- Go to a Mascleta.
2- See the fireworks display.
3- Make a route for Fallas (we recommend the Special Section ones, which are the biggest. Very close to our school, you have one of them: Na Jordana. Other famous Fallas are the Falla del Pilar, Convento Jerusalén or Micer Mascó).
4- Have a hot chocolate with churros or pumpkin fritters at one of the street stalls.
5- Enjoy and dance with the charangas and verbenas that you will find all over the city.

If you take a Spanish course with us, during the week of the Fallas in Valencia, you will be able to enjoy all these activities and many more that we haven’t told you about.

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Diego Bogni Avatar
Diego Bogni
I have been to Taronja School for four weeks during June/July and I really enjoyed it. The professors are all young and well prepared. The teaching methodology is very good. The proposed activities were good and permits you to meet people from foreign countries and improve your language skills. I recommend it 🙂
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Lidiya Begisheva Avatar
Lidiya Begisheva
A really great place to study Spanish and interact with people from all over the world!
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Alessandro Schuler Avatar
Alessandro Schuler
?? (?? & ?? ⬇️⬇️)
Sehr positive Erfahrungen!
Ich habe die Spanisch-Sprachschule Taronja in Valencia 2018 für 4 Wochen und dann erneut 2019 für 3 Wochen besucht. Mein Eindruck ist absolut positiv und ich kann jedem meiner Freunde nur dazu raten, solltet ihr euch für eine kleine Sprachreise in Spanien interessieren.
Die Kurse bei Taronja sind inhaltlich super organisiert und der Lernfortschritt ist durch die recht kleinen Gruppengrößen (ca. 5 Personen plus/minus) immens. Sämtliches Lehrmaterial wird bereitgestellt. Alle Lehrer sind sehr kompetent, freundlich und engagiert. Die Unterrichtseinheiten sind zu 99,5% in spanisch.
Neben der klassischen Unterrichtsform wird auch mit Hilfe von Spielen gelehrt. Wir haben je Woche musiziert, gesungen, getanzt und gekocht. Die eingesetzten Medien (Youtube, Apps, Whiteboards, ...) sind sehr neumodisch. Wünsche oder Ideen der Schüler wurden aufgeschnappt und der Unterricht dementsprechend individuell angepasst.
Neben den eigentlichen Kursen bietet Taronja eine Vielzahl an zusätzlichen sozialen Aktivitäten am Abend an. Man hat wirklich das Gefühl in die spanische Kultur integriert zu werden.
Valencia hat als Stadt einiges zu bieten und es herrscht ein sehr angenehmes maritimes Klima.
Very positive experience!
I visited the spanish language school Taronja in Valencia for 4 weeks in 2018 and for 3 weeks in 2019. My impression is absolutely positive and therefore I‘d like to encourage all of my friends in case you are interested in attending a language school in Spain.
The courses at Taronja are super organized and you can learn in a fast pace due to the small groups (around 5 students per class). All the learning material is provided by Taronja. All the teachers are very competent, friendly and motivated. Nearly 99,5% of the lessons are Spanish.
Besides the traditional style of classes, you also learn by playing games. Every week we plyed music, we danced, we sang and we cooked. They used innovative media (youtube, applications, whiteboards, ...). Student‘s wishes or ideas were considered and the lessons were adjusted accordingly.
In addition to the official lessons, Taronja offers a lot of social activities during the afternoon and evening. Thus you have the impression you become easily integrated to the Spanish culture.
Valencia as a town is very interesting and offers a lot of possibilities, combined with a maritime climate.
¡Experiencias muy positivas!
Tuve clases de español en la escuela Taronja en Valencia durante 4 semanas en el 2018 y 3 semanas en el 2019. Mi impresión es absolutamente positiva y solo puedo aconsejar a cada uno de mis amigos si estás interesado en un pequeño viaje de idiomas en España.
Los cursos en Taronja son súper organizados. El progreso del aprendizaje es inmenso debido a los tamaños de grupos bastante pequeños (aproximadamente 5 personas más o menos). Se proporciona todo el material didáctico. Todos los profesores son muy competentes y además son muy amigables y motivados. 99,5% de las clases son en español.
Además de la forma de enseñanza clásica, también se enseña mediante juegos. Tocábamos música, cantábamos, bailábamos y cocinábamos cada semana. Los medios utilizados (youtube, aplicaciones, la pizarra técnica,...) son de última tecnología. También los profesores recogían los deseos o ideas de los estudiantes y adaptaban las clases en consecuencia.
Además de los cursos teóricos, Taronja ofrece una variedad de actividades sociales adicionales por la tarde / noche. Realmente tienes la sensación de estar integrado en la cultura española.
Valencia tiene mucho que ofrecer como ciudad y hay un clima marítimo muy agradable.
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Alberto Cerdan Ariza Avatar
Alberto Cerdan Ariza
Its social program is amazing, with a better atmosphere between students and teachers 🙂
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sophie e Avatar
sophie e
5 star rating
Brilliant school, good activities Absolutely brilliant, I've attended other schools to learn Spainish, and by far is the best. Good teachers, good learning pace, lots of vocab work and lots of opportunities to practice speaking. Classes are good mix of grammar, and practical things to say and there out of school options are by far the best. If you're learning in Valencia this is the school I recommend to study at by far!!
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Kitty Durinck Avatar
Kitty Durinck
Heel leuke ervaring, een super team leerkrachten en medewerkers, heel veel bijgeleerd....een aanrader !
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Kee Gan Avatar
Kee Gan
Great location in the cultural centre of Valencia with great amentities and transport. Modern well equiped school. Affordable and close by accomodation with great host. And most importantly a well structured and enjoyable learning experience.
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Moh Ammed Avatar
Moh Ammed
The best language school you will ever found!
It's no just a random language school, it's a family!
Taronja is the place to be! ♡
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