Beautiful and unique Spanish school

Inside you will discover that each corner has been neatly decorated by young Valencian artists. It is an authentic piece of art!

It is an authentic piece of art!


Kitsh classroom

Bullfighters, flamenco dancers and plastic paellas...everything kitsch is cool and never goes out of style!


Cow classroom

Cows are beautiful animals, with their little black and white spots, so beautiful... Come moo with us!


Dr.Loco classroom

There's nothing more mysterious and attractive than a Dr. Loco. In memory of all the crazy doctors in the world, we've decorated this room.


Frankenhipster Classroom

The world's most hipster monster is in Taronja. Meet him and try some of his famous cocktails such as 'Gin Vomit' or 'Bloody Brainy'.


Vulture classroom

Some time ago, the directors Maxi and Fernando published an art and culture magazine called Vulture. It was incredible, and this was the main office!


Hippie classroom

We have a bit of a hippie soul, it's true! But who doesn't like to walk around their house in their underwear and put flowers in their hair?


Chill out room

Chill Out mode', or as we say in Spanish "Relax mode". Between classes come to this room, enjoy its terrace and activate in your mind the relax mode.


Cooking classroom

The laboratory where Chef Nando creates his gastronomic alchemy. The school doesn't smell of artificial perfumes but of granny's cooking.



A world of colour and sensations as soon as you enter our school. Life isn't white, it isn't black, it isn't gray... put color in your life!

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Check out our Spanish school, visit our classrooms and imagine yourself studying a Spanish course in Spain. Don’t you want to come now?

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