Capital or small letters? How are they used in Spanish?

Many of you are confused when it comes to the use of lower and upper case letters in Spanish. Come in and read, we’ll give you some tips.

1) it is written in MAYÚSCULAS:

– the first word of a writing, or the one that appears after a period. For example:

Ayer fui con Ana a la playa y nos lo pasamos muy bien. Hoy no sé lo que haré.”

– the word that follows a letter or email header or greeting. For example:

“Estimado señor García:
Mañana no podré asistir a la cita concertada…”

– the word that follows the suspension points when they close the sentence. For example:

“Había pan, mermelada, mantequilla, queso, jamón… Todo estaba buenísimo.”

– The first word of a statement that follows an interrogative or exclamatory sentence. For example:

¿Qué día es hoy? No me acuerdo.
¡Qué guapo estabas en la fiesta! Tu traje era precioso.

2) it is written in MINÚSCULAS:
– positions and professions, regardless of the name or organization they accompany, unlike other languages such as English or German.
For example:

“su majestad el rey Juan Carlos”
“el presidente de los EE.UU. “
“el director general del banco Santander…”
“la ministra, Ana Mato…”

So when you write a letter to a company director, write his position in lowercase and ATTENTION! Don’t forget the colon!

Estimado director: (correcto)

Estimado director, (incorrecto)

We hope you found this explanation useful. ¡Hasta la próxima semana!

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