Diferences between “allá”, “haya”, “halla” in Spanish

“Allá”, “haya”, “halla”, surely, you have read or heard some words in Spanish that sound the same but have a completely different meaning. This is the case with these three words that are very similar but very distinct at the same time.

Allá, haya, halla in Spanish

Of these three words, “allá” is the easiest to distinguish, because of its spelling, which has an accent, and its acute pronunciation. However, “halla” and “haya” are words that most Spanish speakers pronounce the same.

Let’s get to know these three words a little better.


It is a form of the verb “hallar”, which means to find someone or something. To discover the truth or understand a thing after thinking and reflecting on it.

It is equivalent to the third person singular of the present indicative and the second person singular of the imperative mood.

The verb “hallar” can also often be found in its reflexive form “hallarse” (equivalent to encontrarse).

Presente de indicativo

(yo) hallo

(tú) hallas

(él) halla

(nosotros) hallamos

(vosotros) halláis

(ellos) hallan


(tú) halla

(él / ella) halle

(nosotros) hallemos

(vosotros) hallad

(ellos) hallen


Me hallo en medio de un bosque muy especial / Me encuentro en medio de un bosque muy especial. 

Ella siempre halla la manera de escaparse de los problemas / Ella siempre encuentra la manera de escaparse de los problemas. 


This is a form of the conjugation of the verb “haber”. The first and third person in the present subjunctive. And its main function is to appear as an auxiliary in compound tenses.

Presente de subjuntivo

(yo) haya

(tú) hayas

(él) haya

(nosotros) hayamos

(vosotros) hayáis

(ellos) hayan


No creo que haya víctimas en el accidente.

Cuando haya comido iré a verte. 

Cuando hayas visitado a tu madre me avisas. 

Cuando hayas terminado el trabajo tienes que ir a comprar. 

Explíquenos lo que haya visto.

Que haya paz en el mundo. 

Como último apunte, “haya” puede referirse a un nombre de árbol. 

Me gusta mucho el haya de tu jardín. 


It is an adverb of place and is used to indicate a place that is far away from our position. As it has a tilde in its written form and is pronounced in an acute manner, it is not difficult to distinguish the word “allá” in a sentence.


Allá está la casa de mis hermanos.

Aquello de allá es el Ayuntamiento.


Fill in the space with the correct word: allá, haya, halla

Remember, “haya” often accompanies other verbs, and is a form of the verb “haber”. It can also be a tree! “Halla” can often be reflexive “hallarse”, and is equivalent to “encontrar”. And “allá” refers to a place that is far away from us.

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