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4th May 2017
Spanish lesson: Pretérito pluscuamperfecto

Spanish lesson: When do we use Spanish pretérito pluscuamperfecto?

When do we use “pretérito pluscuamperfecto” in Spanish? line We use SPANISH PRETÉRITO PLUSCUAMPERFECTO in order to talk about the past of the past. In other […]
12th April 2017
Spanish lessons: wishes and needs

Spanish lesson: To express wishes and needs in Spanish

If we want to express our needs and wishes in Spanish we can use the following structures. line 1. Querer + infinitivo: Quiero escuchar música clásica. […]
18th June 2015
Spanish lesson: when do we use YA?

Spanish lesson: When do I use the word YA?

 In this Spanish lesson we want to show you some of the meanings of the word YA, depending on the context in which we use it. […]
18th June 2015
Spanish lesson: meanings of the word hombre

Spanish lesson: meanings of the word “hombre”

The word “hombre” does not only mean “man”. In Spain the word is also used in other contexts. Want to find out which ones? SummaryArticle NameSpanish […]
8th May 2014
Spanish idioms with animals

Spanish idioms: animals

In this Express Spanish course we have become animals, and we want teach you idioms that we use a lot, idioms in which the animals are […]
7th April 2014
Spanish idioms: meter la pata

Spanish idioms: meter la pata

What does it means the Spanish idiom “meter la pata”? This week our video-phrase want make things right, and not “meter la pata“. So pay attention […]
1st April 2014
Spanish idioms: tomar el pelo

Spanish idioms: Tomar el pelo

Which is the meaning of the Spanish idiom “TOMAR EL PELO”? In this episode of our YOUTUBE Spanish course we’re explaining you! And do not let […]
13th February 2014
Spanish lesson: How to interact with the spaniards

Spanish lesson: How interact with the spaniards.

When we travel to other countries usually we have problems in understanding some customs, how to relate to people, etc… The same happens when you come […]

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