Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración

Este curso consiste en 20 clases semanales de curso intensivo +  5 actividades socioculturales a la semana.

Fecha de inicio

Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración

Si tienes planeada una larga estancia para aprender español te recomendamos nuestro curso intensivo de larga duración. A partir de las ocho semanas tenemos precios especiales.

Contacta con nosotros para más información

Nuestro curso intensivo de español de larga duración está diseñado para que hables y aprendas las estructuras gramaticales en contexto. Nuestro equipo de profesores te guiará durante tu curso y podrás disfrutar de todos los recursos que pone la escuela a tu disposición.

  • Test de nivel antes de la llegada
  • Un certificado de asistencia al final del curso
  • Teléfono de emergencias 24 horas
  • TARONJA es un Centro Acreditado por el Instituto Cervantes
  • Tutorías, atención y apoyo emocional (en caso de ser necesitado)
  • Internet gratis y zona Wifi
  • Paquete informativo de bienvenida

  • Cada semana ofrecemos una serie de actividades didácticas opcionales.
  • Están diseñadas para practicar español fuera del aula y conocer a tus compañeros y profesores.
  • Son básicamente gratuitas o tienen un precio mínimo.
  • Algunas de ellas son: intercambio de idiomas, clase de cocina, clase de cultura, paella de bienvenida, rutas Pasea y Aprende…

  • A partir de 4 semanas, el descuento se aplica solo a las 4 primeras semanas.
  • La duración de la clase es de 50 minutos.
  • Número máximo de estudiantes por clase es 12, el mínimo 4.
  • El material de estudio está incluido para los niveles A1, A2 y B1. Los niveles B2 y C1 necesitan un libro, 24€.
  • Los estudiantes con algún conocimiento de español pueden empezar cada lunes.
  • Los estudiantes «beginners» tienen que consultar las fechas de inicio
  • Contáctanos si necesitas saber el precio para otro número de semanas.

Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración 1


  • 9:00 a 10:40
    Curso intensivo
  • 10:40 a 11:00
  • 11:00 a 12:40
    Curso intensivo
  • 12:45 a 13:35
    Conversación / Privadas
  • 12:45 a 14:25
    Clases privadas
  • 13:35 a 14:25
  • 14:30 a 16:10
    Curso intensivo
  • 16:10 a 16:30
  • 16:30 a 18:10
    Curso intensivo

Horarios rotativos

Algunos de los grupos tendrán clase por la mañana lunes, miércoles y viernes. El resto de los grupos al contrario. Esto cambiará cada semana, de modo que todos los estudiantes tengan posibilidad de disfrutar de 2-3 mañanas libres y de 2-3 tardes libres cada semana.

Estudiantes por clase

El número máximo de estudiantes por clase es de 12, y el mínimo de 4. Si el número de estudiantes por clase es menor a 4 el número total de lecciones quedará reducido a la mitad.

Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración 2

Obtendrás un certificado del curso una vez terminada la estancia

Este certificado indicará el número de horas cursadas y el nivel de conocimientos de español alcanzados en nuestros cursos, siempre siguiendo el Marco de Referencia Europeo para las lenguas.

Para obtener el certificado es imprescindible haber asistido a un 80% de las clases del curso.

¿Cuál es tu nivel de español?

Haz el test para descubrir qué curso es el más apto para ti.

Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración 3

What do our students think of our Spanish courses?

These are some of the opinions of our students. You give us the prizes!

Curso Intensivo de español de larga duración 4
C Ni Bhaoill Avatar
C Ni Bhaoill
I had a great experience at this school for a week in July 2014. Great teachers and a lovely atmosphere. The classes were a good laugh, but we still learned plenty. They catered for all levels, and you could move classes if you felt you were in the wrong level. The extra activities in the afternoons and evenings also added alot - helped to meet plenty of others on the courses, and also get to know Valencia, which is a gorgeous city. Highly recommended.
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45545 Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing summer learning Spanish with Taronja I was here for two months in summer and had a really positive experience. I actually booked only for one month but ended up extending for an extra month. The classes were fun, interesting, and I felt comfortable talking, learning, (and making mistakes), with my classmates mad teachers. You need an intital assesment of your spanish skills (quick questionnaire, and a couple of minutes speaking) and then get placed into a class for your level. However, if it is too difficult, or easy, there is no problem with changing class, and I found the staff, and the headteacher, Jenny, very friendly and easy to talk to, and always happy to help with anything.
It is easy to make friends, which is important if you are coming here on your own (like me) and there were social acitivties every night. These ranged from paella nights, language exchanges, and generally drinking and socialising. Always fun. I was here in summer which would offer a bigger social life compared to low-season/ winter etc.
The lessons are varied and you use handouts, quiz games, group tasks, videos, songs, etc, in order to learn in a varied way.
I would recommend to anyone who values a more fun and social atmosphere to learn and I definitely feel like I improved a lot. In 2 months, I went from a low A2, to a B1 level, and I had a lot of practice actually speaking the Spanish that I had learned.
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Peter Hughes Avatar
Peter Hughes
I really enjoyed my time at Taronja. For me everything came together for a fantastic experience. The teachers and teaching methods are great, the school has a great atmosphere where one rapidly feels comfortable and part of what is happening. The mix of different ages is also fantastic, it is great to get so much intergenerational contact. Finally, Valencia is a fantastic city; a nice size, loads of things going on, and I would almost say that it has a spirit.
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5 star rating
très bonne école de langue Taronja est un école de langue que je recommande vivement ! Ses cours ludiques et intéressants permettent de progresser très rapidement. L'école propose son propre matériel de cours, ce qui permet de varier les thème des cours! De plus, l'école propose un grand nombre d'activités culturelles ou festives en dehors des cours qui permettent aux élèves de connaître la région valencienne et d'apprendre à se connaître. Merci aux professeurs qui sont tous super sympa !!
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5 star rating
Scuola di spagnolo a Valencia Sono tornato alla Taronja School a Valencia e come la prima volta ho ritrovato ragazzi motivati simpatici, divertenti e molto originali ma anche molto professionali, efficaci e ben organizzati.
E’ stata di nuovo una bella esperienza … grazie ragazzi!!!
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Monique S
5 star rating
Molto buono tutto è perfetto; gli studenti e scuola: le scuole sono molto importanti e molto interessate di risolvere qualsiasi problema
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Linda KH Avatar
Linda KH
I took classes at Taronja for three weeks in October and can highly recommend the school. I cannot imagine there being a better school. I scouted for months before making the decision and was so glad I had chosen Taronja. There are several points which make it such a good school. - the highly motivated and friendly teachers - there effort at getting everyone to speak Spanish only, which of course speeds up your acqusition of the language - the extracurricular activities are not only interesting, but help increase your language skills and keep you busy (if you are alone, it's nice to have something to keep you active especially the first week when you don't know your way around yet) I will definitely take more classes here. I recommend saving yourself all the time needed for researching the internet. You have made the right decision with Taronja! My greetings to everyone there. Linda
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Elena Avatar
I love this school! During my seven weeks at Taronja I’ve learned a lot (I hope I’ll remember all those verbos irregulares!). The lessons were very well organized, easy to understand and highly communicative, so even with my basic level of Spanish I could participate in all discussions and do the tasks. The teachers and the staff are great: young, friendly, creative and ready to help with everything! Most of the students are under 30, but there are a lot of learners over 45-50 like me, so I felt absolutely comfortable. We really had fun together at different events and activities, organized by the school every week: parties, excursions, dancing and cooking masterclasses or just picnics in the park. Valencia is a great place to visit and Taronja is the right place to study Spanish there!
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