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Avanzado 3

  • 5 clases privadas de conversación.
  • Duración de una lección 50 min.
  • Materiales incluidos.
  • Certificado.
  • Realiza hipótesis, analiza, compara, argumenta, valora propuestas y expresa deseos tanto en el presente como en el pasado.


Avanzado 3

Adéntrate e intercambia contenidos culturales mediante simulaciones reales y conoce cosas que no aparecen en los manuales.

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En esta sesión vamos recomendar películas y mostraremos agrado o desagrado en cuanto a estilos cinematográficos y actores o actrices. Haremos hipótesis sobre películas desconocidas e intercambiaremos carteleras de nuestros países. Para ello trabajaremos los tiempos de indicativo y subjuntivo, el imperativo, las oraciones condicionales y ampliaremos vocabulario sobre el cine.

En esta sesión conoceremos y compartiremos leyes y protocolos que defiendan el medio ambiente y los compararemos con los de otros países. Aprenderemos vocabulario relacionado con la naturaleza y las catástrofes naturales y opinaremos y reflexionaremos sobre el efecto del ser humano en él. Para ello trabajaremos los tiempos de indicativo y subjuntivo, el estilo indirecto y las oraciones condicionales.

En esta sesión intercambiaremos información sobre nuestras casas, nuestros vecinos, nuestro día a día. Nos daremos recomendaciones y explicaremos un poco cómo vivimos y cómo es la gente que nos rodea entre otras cosas. Para ello, simularemos un intercambio de casas. Utilizaremos el presente y pasado de subjuntivo, el imperativo, y el léxico relacionado con la vivienda y las relaciones personales.

En esta sesión hablaremos de primeras impresiones y del efecto erróneo que suelen tener estos juicios anticipados. Reflexionaremos sobre las apariencias y la importancia que le damos a las mismas en nuestros respectivos países. Para ello Utilizaremos oraciones condicionales, los tiempos de indicativo y subjuntivo y el léxico relacionado con el físico y el carácter.

En esta sesión desmentiremos y reafirmaremos tópicos típicos con el objetivo de conocer profundamente nuestros países y regiones. Hablaremos de cultura, visitas obligadas, gastronomía, y estilos de vida desde el punto de vista de un nativo. Para ello utilizaremos estructuras de recomendación, los tiempos de indicativo y de subjuntivo y el léxico relacionado con gastronomía, ciudades, zonas culturales, tópicos y clichés.

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Avanzado 3 1
Albena Bali Avatar
Albena Bali
It's not an ordinary language school, it's way more than that! If you want to feel the real Spanish atmosphere, if you want to learn, be surrounded by positive people, have fun and make new friends this is your place! Don't chose just a language school, chose an entire experience! Hope to come back very soon! ☀️☀️☀️
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4 star rating
un lugar donde ¡puedes sobresalir! Mi segunda estancia con Taronja solo duró una semana, pero, de nuevo, me di cuenta de que la calidad de los profesores (en mi caso, las profesoras, Desiré y Sara) es muy buena. Estaban dedicadas y profesionales.Tanto los profesores como los administradores son siempre muy amables. Intentan ayudarte y apoyarte todos los días. Y lo mejor, tienen paciencia y llevan una sonrisa. Muchísimas gracias a todos y por todo.
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Claire Rice Avatar
Claire Rice
I am a retired language teacher (at high school and university level ) and as such I feel I can offer a qualified opinion on the teaching method of the Taronja staff. I am pleased to give it 5 stars. All lessons were well prepared, engaging and fun. All staff members were supportive yet challenging. I was pleasantly surprised not to feel my age as a handicap among students largely much younger than me. I had fun with them and met many other older students as well. As to the activities offered by the school, there were so many of them that you could pick and choose. My husband (studying at a different level than mine) and I, did exactly that. We didn't go to all but enjoyed what we had chosen. We enjoyed the cooking class, the songs, the movies, the Saturday excursion. I saw a critic among the reviews concerning a bull fight and I thought that was totally out of line. If you disagree with an offered activity that is part of the culture you are supposedly trying to learn about, just don't go. But don't blame the school for offering other people with different values than yours a chance to experience that activity! Anyway, we had such a good experience that we are seriously thinking about going back to study in Taronja next spring for a couple of weeks at least. Well done Taronja staff, the whole team, teachers, office staff, organizers. We loved the school, we adored Valencia. We will be back. Thank you all so much!
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Markus Mengelkamp Avatar
Markus Mengelkamp
Sehr gute Schule mit engagierten Lehrern. Tolle Stimmung. Viel gelernt.😄
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TatevikMar Avatar
5 star rating
Intensiv course spanish Spent a wonderful week here and met wonderful people. All teachers are extremely friendly and courteous. Thanks for everything<3
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5 star rating
Scuola di spagnolo a Valencia Sono tornato alla Taronja School a Valencia e come la prima volta ho ritrovato ragazzi motivati simpatici, divertenti e molto originali ma anche molto professionali, efficaci e ben organizzati.
E’ stata di nuovo una bella esperienza … grazie ragazzi!!!
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tigerb736 Avatar
5 star rating
Intensive course for 3 weeks I went to Taronja as an almost beginner in Spanish and after three weeks I think I’ve made such an improvement but I’ve also learnt so much about different cultures and I think it has been an amazing experience.
I stayed in one of the school’s shared apartments with 4-5 other students from the school all of different nationalities and we were from the age of 18-26 and that was one of things that made my time there so special because you make such deep special bonds with other people in the same situation as you.
Over the three weeks the teachers were so engaging and welcoming along with the interns. There were multiple times where after activities we’d go to a bar or get some food and you felt so welcome and they were all so enthusiastic. In lessons each teacher found a different way to make sure you were taking in everything and the lessons were always fun. They also had a massive focus on conversation which was so helpful.
At the school there was such a range of ages and nationalities but I think we all came together really well through all of the amazing activities. My favourites were the excursions and the paella parties but all of them are worth doing as they improve your Spanish and give you opportunities to meet new people.
Thank you so much Taronja for the experience
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Liv Hayoz Avatar
Liv Hayoz
It‘s my second week at Taronja Spanish School and I absolutely love it. The teachers and students are all very likeable and it’s easy to get to know new people. The classes are great because the focus is on the speaking but they still teach grammar just in a more interesting way. Also the activities are awesome. They are all different so everyone finds something they like. All students are in a good mood and enjoying Valencia.
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