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Intermedio bajo 1

  • 5 clases privadas de conversación.
  • Duración de una lección 50 min.
  • Materiales incluidos.
  • Certificado.
  • Describe, compara, recomienda expresando gustos y opinando con tu profesor.


Intermedio bajo 1

Conoce y descubre tu competencia comunicativa enfrentándote a diferentes situaciones comunicativas reales.

Contacta con nosotros para más información

Vamos a hablar de nuestros principales problemas para aprender nuevas lenguas y cómo solucionarlos. Por tanto, daremos recomendaciones para intentar mejorar especialmente nuestro español.

Vamos a hablar de las principales ventajas e inconvenientes de vivir en una gran ciudad o en un pequeño pueblo alejado de la civilización. Para ello, vamos a expresar opinión, recomendar, describir y conocer léxico relacionado con la naturaleza y los medios de comunicación.

Vamos a intercambiar información sobre la cultura del país de nuestro compañero o profesor. Vamos a describir personas, arquitectura y hacer comparaciones generacionales, para ello, trabajaremos los usos de ser, estar y hay, el pretérito imperfecto de indicativo, los adjetivos posesivos y léxico relacionado con los medios de comunicación y establecimientos.

Vas a presentar a tu compañero o profesor los deportes y deportistas más populares en tu país, así como hablar de la práctica deportiva. Para ello trabajaremos el contraste entre ser y estar, los determinantes numerales, el uso de algunos pasados y aprenderás mucho vocabulario relacionado con el deporte.

Vamos a intercambiar información con nuestro compañero o profesor sobre nuestra infancia y adolescencia en la escuela. Para ello, utilizaremos los tiempos del presente y del pasado, las oraciones comparativas y trabajaremos léxico relacionado con la escuela y la educación.

What do our students think of our Spanish courses?

These are some of the opinions of our students. You give us the prizes!

Intermedio bajo 1 1
Lockito90 Avatar
5 star rating
Wonderful experience I attended the intensive course for 2 weeks with my girlfriend, it was an amazing experience! The school offers Spanish courses with great teachers and a lot of different activities (every day) to meet people from all over the world and do mucha fiesta!!
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Max Weigand Avatar
Max Weigand
I enjoyed my classes at the Taronja school. I had nice teachers (Ne, Sa, Ya) and learned a lot of Spanish. I got a lot of attention from the teachers, the interns and the organizing staff. There are a lot of younger students (18-30) but I am sure middle-aged or older students have a lot of fun as well. I felt a little bit like back in school 18 years ago. I enjoyed this feeling.There are many activities during the week. You get the chance to talk a lot of Spanish (if you want to talk Spanish). I can't understand most bad recommendations. If you want high-educated native speakers with classes of 4 persons and the very same Spanish level someone has to tell me a country in Europe where you get this below 800 Euros a week! The price-performance ratio is very good, in my opinion. I am sure for the money you pay you get a Spanish boost and a good time (I can't say anything about the accommodations, because I stayed somewhere private). I sometimes have the feeling that in the eyes of foreigners spanish teachers and staff are expected to work for small salaries (instead of a fair salaries). Maybe this is something to reflect on and everybody is free to invest in private lessons. The new school building is very, very nice! I strongly recommend this school (also for students older than 30)!
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Stefan Carlsson Avatar
Stefan Carlsson
Hola! Before I arrived to Taronja I knew that I loved the city but I did´nt know much about the school. It did´nt take long before I started to love the school as much as I loved Valencia. The school, the classes and the teachers were fun, friendly and helpful. Besides the regular courses there was always something else to do - great activities with great people to do them with. I enjoyed my stay so much that I extended it and currently planning my next one. This is a school I would recomend to anyone Nos vemos pronto, hasta luego!
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Sabina Olijve Avatar
Sabina Olijve
La mejor escuela de español! Quiero volver!�
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floord171 Avatar
5 star rating
Recommended! If you are looking for a school to study Spanish, I really recommend this Taronja. It has the perfect balance between education and fun. The course offers a good way of learning Spanish with help of very nice and helpful teachers. Besides that, the school has different and fun activities everyday for you to participate in. This will allow you to meet lots of new people and gain new experiences.
Not to forget, it’s in Valencia too, which is a very beautiful city on its own.
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Valentina Magli Avatar
Valentina Magli
Great experience! Lovely place, excellent teachers, studend care, nice environment!
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5 star rating
Scuola di spagnolo a Valencia Sono tornato alla Taronja School a Valencia e come la prima volta ho ritrovato ragazzi motivati simpatici, divertenti e molto originali ma anche molto professionali, efficaci e ben organizzati.
E’ stata di nuovo una bella esperienza … grazie ragazzi!!!
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Ksenia_shinshilla Avatar
5 star rating
Great school of Spanish language Several years ago I've studied at Taronja school for 2 weeks and it was a great time that I still remember. The teachers were enthusiastic and spent a lot of time with there students not only in classes but also during extracurricular activities. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in just 2 weeks in Valencia. I still remember this great time and I would love to come back to the beautiful city of Valencia and this wonderful school!
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