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  • 5 private Konversationsstunden.
  • Dauer einer Unterrichtsstunde 50 min.
  • Enthaltene Materialien.
  • Zertifikat.
  • Beschreibe, vergleiche, empfehle, erzähl deinem Lehrer von deinen Vorlieben und deiner Meinung.


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Lerne deine kommunikative Kompetenz kennen und entdecke sie, indem du dich verschiedenen realen kommunikativen Situationen stellst.

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Lass uns über unsere Hauptprobleme beim Erlernen neuer Sprachen sprechen und wie wir sie lösen können. Daher werden wir Empfehlungen geben, wie wir insbesondere unser Spanisch verbessern können.

Wir werden über die wichtigsten Vor- und Nachteile des Lebens in einer Großstadt oder in einer Kleinstadt fernab der Zivilisation sprechen. Zu diesem Zweck werden wir Meinungen äußern, Empfehlungen aussprechen, beschreiben und Vokabeln im Zusammenhang mit der Natur und den Medien lernen.

Wir werden Informationen über die Kultur des Landes unseres Partners oder Lehrers austauschen. Wir werden Personen und Architekturen beschreiben und Vergleiche zwischen den Generationen anstellen. Dazu werden wir die Verwendungen von ser, estar und hay, das Imperfekt des Indikativs in der Vergangenheit, besitzanzeigende Adjektive und Vokabeln im Zusammenhang mit Medien und Einrichtungen erarbeiten.

Du stellst deinem Partner oder Lehrer die beliebtesten Sportarten und Sportler in deinem Land vor und sprichst über Sport. Wir werden den Kontrast zwischen ser und estar, numerische Determinatoren, die Verwendung einiger Vergangenheitsformen und eine Menge Vokabeln zum Thema Sport lernen.

Wir werden mit unserem Partner oder Lehrer Informationen über unsere Kindheit und Jugend in der Schule austauschen. Dazu werden wir die Gegenwarts- und Vergangenheitsformen sowie Vergleichssätze verwenden und Vokabeln im Zusammenhang mit Schule und Bildung erarbeiten.

Was sagen unsere Schüler über unsere Spanischkurse?

Dies sind einige der Meinungen unserer Schüler. Sie geben uns die Preise!

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David S. Avatar
David S.
The school is located in the center of the city and easy to reach by public transportation or by walking. Everybody at the office is friendly and very helpful, they listen and understand your needs. They help you not only with school stuff but also with the matters of daily life and culture. Teachers are always prepared for the classes and they teach with an effective fun way. They understand your level and find out a way to make you understand and learn in a supportive way. Modern methods like internet and interactive whiteboard are used during the classes , which make the lessons flow easily. Grammar , reading, conversation, listening are well balanced. In a week different teachers are teaching in any given class that provides different styles, techniques and accents. Besides regular classes there are more classes to choose from ( like conversation ) according to one’s needs. Every week there are some activities, day trips and social gatherings so one can learn and experience more about the culture. The timetable of classes is constantly rotating hereby assigning a morning class on a day and an afternoon class on another day. Altogether it makes learning Spanish and Spanish culture easy, fun and effective process. Additionally Valencia is a very beautiful city with lovely locals. The city offers almost everything. Thank you all so much.
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Floor de Laat Avatar
Floor de Laat
Taronja is a really nice school to learn Spanish. I would definitely recommend this when you are looking for a opportunity to study Spanish in Spain. The atmosphere is very chill and friendly, teachers like teaching and helping you. They also offer lots of fun activities everyday which you can participate in voluntarily. This helps you in meeting so many new people. I really enjoyed my time at Taronja, and I would like to return if I can 😉
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Sabina Olijve Avatar
Sabina Olijve
La mejor escuela de español! Quiero volver!�
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Daniel Olsson Avatar
Daniel Olsson
I learned a lot, had a great amount of fun and gained new friends during my two weeks in Taronja. The school offers a lot of fun activities which I would recommend anyone to participate in. The personnel are very helpful with any questions you might have. The teachers I had were great. It was learning based on a lot of interactions and dialogs as it should be. I will definitely come back for more studies and adventures with Taronja.
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Seha Liah Avatar
Seha Liah
Tout !!!...
Les profs, les organisateurs, l'ambiance, les cours, les activités extra-cours, tout est génial !!! allez y ! 😀 <3
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Diego Bogni Avatar
Diego Bogni
I have been to Taronja School for four weeks during June/July and I really enjoyed it. The professors are all young and well prepared. The teaching methodology is very good. The proposed activities were good and permits you to meet people from foreign countries and improve your language skills. I recommend it 🙂
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Eva S Avatar
Eva S
Entering the school through a beautiful massive and decorative door (on a street where you’d love to have your coffee and lunchbreaks), the inside will surprise you even more: an explosion of colours, art and atmosphere. And that’s what the teachers carry out too: such passion and enthusiasm. But the learning doesn’t stop as soon as class comes to an end. Taronja organises plenty of very fun, optional activities. In the afternoon, evening and even in the weekends. No chance to get bored here… I’m going to stay longer!
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Franziska Wied Avatar
Franziska Wied
I'm in the school since 3 weeks to learn spanish and I know that when I'm ready with the courses in 2 months, i can live here in Valencia with out much problems to speak the language. The course with the changing times and teachers is very cool. Also with the activities in the evenings. It's a school where it is fun to learn..!!
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