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14th March 2016
14th March 2016


In 2013 we did an online class. It seems imposSible but if you have a computer and a camera it´s possible and almost the same as being in the classes at Taronja. Like in the school, Ana gives you phrases and photos, and we answer along with my classmates. We can share our opinions and at the same time Ana corrects our errors. Also, on the online classes, your classmates can participate at the same time with you, so you will feel as if you were in Taronja. I recommend this programme if you want to follow the classes from your home country. I am happy that Taronja has online classes".


Last year I had Spanish classes with Ana. I liked that the classes were very interesting, We spoke a lot about different things, we did many different tasks, we watched videos and we listened to audios. All of this has helped me to improve my level of Spanish. If I had the option, now I would like to continue with the classes! Taronja is very lucky to have a teacher like Ana! ".


I loved the online classes. I thought that the classes would be simple skype lessons but they were incredible. A lot, lot better. These classes that Taronja have created allow you to simulate as if you were in class with your teacher and your classmates. The only difference is that each person is in their house. In my case, the class was with 3 people (One girl from Korea, a boy from France and I) and the teacher. We learnt a lot and it felt like I was in school again. I recommend this system to everyone.


I prefer to learn Spanish online with the help of a teacher than with books. I love the sessions with Victor because he understands what I want to say when I can´t express it in Spanish. ☺ And he corrects my errors and explains how I can improve them.


I have taken lessons online with Taronja and I really liked the system. I wanted to improve my Spanish and some friends of mine recommended these online classes because they´re not like any others. They are different. It feels like you´re really in the class in person. The system allows you to have many interactions such as videos, ppt and writing at the same time! The classes are really organised and my teacher was really responsible, she had a lot of patience and was really fun. We laughed a lot!".


Intensive Spanish courses - by :
During the last ten years I studied Spanish in four Spanish language schools. At Taronja, nevertheless, the didactic method is the best of all. I really liked the constant contact of the students with the Spanish language and culture both in class and during the activities outside the classroom.


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Learning at the Spanish school “Taronja” is a unique experience! On one hand you are in clases with teachers which are really professional and nice. On the other hand Taronja organize many activities for learning the language in a funny way and for getting in contact with the other students.


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I arrived four weeks ago to learn Spanish in Valencia and discover the Spanish culture. Taronja was the bestSpanish school for me because they organized many activities almost every day and because everybody is friendly. Thanks a lot for everything! See you!.


Spanish school Taronja - by :
Four weeks at Spanish school Taronja were an interesting experience. I enjoyed the classes and all the activities. Thanks a lot Taronja! I will come back next year!


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I chose this Spanish school because I liked the many activities and its vitality. The classes were very funny and the teachers so lovely.


I’ve had two very fun weeks here and I have learned a lot. I loved the activities and theSpanish teachers are very nice...


I decided to look for a Spanish school in Valencia. And I found Taronja school.The time here has passed very fast and in two days I have to come back to Germany, where it’s very cold :(


Hi, I’m Lien. I’m 20 and I’m from Belgium. The Spanish school Taronja does seem like a big family. In the classes you can ask to talk about the topics that interest you and the teachers do everything to help you during your Spanish course. Also there are lots of activities that the school organizes, so you can meet all the students and the teachers


Hi, my names is Jess, I’m from Berlin. In my first month in Valencia I learned a lot aboutValencia’s people, very opened and lovely, I ate the typical food like  Paella and Gazpacho and I enjoyed the good weather/hot. But the best thing is the beach

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