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If you’re keen to learn Spanish and get a real feel for its culture, our WhatsApp club is the place for you. Combining language learning with cultural discovery, every message and live event brings you closer to fluency and connects you with the essence of Spain. Join us and find out just how engaging learning Spanish can be!

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Explore the Richness of Spanish Culture with Us

Savour the Spanish Flavor

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Discover the secrets of Spanish cuisine with our shared recipes and culinary insights.

Language Alive

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Dive into the colourful world of Spanish idioms and expressions, adding flair to your language skills.

Music and Cinema

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Unravel the beauty of Spanish songs and films, enriching your cultural understanding.

Weekly Challenges

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Engage in exciting vocabulary challenges to apply your learning in real-life contexts.

Festivals and Traditions

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Get to know Spanish festivities, and discover their origins and peculiarities.

Diverclasses and More

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Join our online classes on cinema, art, and history, complete with interactive exercises.

Is the Club del Español Taronja Right for You?

This community is ideal for anyone with a passion for Spanish culture and a desire to learn the language. Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate learner, or an advanced speaker, there’s a place for you here. If you’re looking for a supportive, engaging, and educational environment to boost your Spanish skills, you’ve found your community.

The club offers a diverse range of activities, catering to different learning styles. This variety ensures that everyone can find something beneficial, regardless of their preferred learning method.
The club is designed to be flexible and accommodating, allowing members to participate at their own pace. This makes it suitable even for those with busy schedules.
It costs nothing! Yes, as you can hear, you will enjoy interesting content, you will learn and get in touch with Spanish culture without paying anything. Why don't you give it a try?
We have created two groups in order to accommodate all levels. In one group we will communicate in English, except for the content strictly necessary to learn Spanish. In the other, all the content is in Spanish. Choose the one you like best, you can change at any time!
Immersing in the Spanish culture is a key part of learning the language. Engaging with cultural content can enrich your understanding and make learning more enjoyable.

1 step to join our Spanish club

To have the best possible experience, you must take our level test, so we can recommend which group is best for you.

It’s a quick, fun test and will give you a rough idea of your level of Spanish.

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What do our students think of our Spanish courses?

These are some of the opinions of our students. You give us the prizes!

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David S. Avatar
David S.
The school is located in the center of the city and easy to reach by public transportation or by walking. Everybody at the office is friendly and very helpful, they listen and understand your needs. They help you not only with school stuff but also with the matters of daily life and culture. Teachers are always prepared for the classes and they teach with an effective fun way. They understand your level and find out a way to make you understand and learn in a supportive way. Modern methods like internet and interactive whiteboard are used during the classes , which make the lessons flow easily. Grammar , reading, conversation, listening are well balanced. In a week different teachers are teaching in any given class that provides different styles, techniques and accents. Besides regular classes there are more classes to choose from ( like conversation ) according to one’s needs. Every week there are some activities, day trips and social gatherings so one can learn and experience more about the culture. The timetable of classes is constantly rotating hereby assigning a morning class on a day and an afternoon class on another day. Altogether it makes learning Spanish and Spanish culture easy, fun and effective process. Additionally Valencia is a very beautiful city with lovely locals. The city offers almost everything. Thank you all so much.
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TatevikMar Avatar
5 star rating
Intensiv course spanish Spent a wonderful week here and met wonderful people. All teachers are extremely friendly and courteous. Thanks for everything<3
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Ezeruom Ugwu Avatar
Ezeruom Ugwu
Nice and cool to be here, am a filmmaker learning Spanish at the moment, am finding it interesting already.....
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Albena Bali Avatar
Albena Bali
It's not an ordinary language school, it's way more than that! If you want to feel the real Spanish atmosphere, if you want to learn, be surrounded by positive people, have fun and make new friends this is your place! Don't chose just a language school, chose an entire experience! Hope to come back very soon! ☀️☀️☀️
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Iris Helder Avatar
Iris Helder
I’ve studied at Taronja in Valencia for almost 3 weeks now and I already don’t want to leave. The teachers are nice and I felt really welcomed since I first stepped trough the schools doors! Outside of school there are activities organised by the school almost everyday. So don’t bring too many books with you, there will be enough to do here 😉
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5 star rating
diese Schule ist unglaublich vielseitig! Ich war für vier Wochen in Taronja zum Spanisch lernen. Und für mich war die Zeit in der Schule perfekt. Ich habe schnell und viel gelernt, die Lehrer sind offen, kompetent, hilfsbereit und haben Freude am Tun. Was die Schule für mich besonders gemacht hat, ist, dass sie einem Spanisch bei bringen, aber darüber hinaus auch viele Angebote zu Kultur und Leben stattfinden. Und ich hatte immer das Gefühl mit offenen Armen empfangen zu werden! Der perfekte Ort für einen Sprachurlaub.
Muchas gracias por el tiempo en su escuela! Vuelvo otra vez!
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Freddy DeTomato Avatar
Freddy DeTomato
If you want to learn Spanish with professionals and having fun at the same time...Taronja is the place to be!!! 😉
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5 star rating
2 semanoas cursos en taronja es mi primera vez fui a valencica, fui 2 semanas en taronja, esdude mucho y my gustan la cursos , todos lodo prefesioal muy bien , si tengo tiempo libre, creo que puedo volver otro vez .gracias todos los bien .
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