Spanish School in Valencia

15th March 2016
Services offered by Taronja school

Services offered

icon-call Recepcionist assistance and personal support icon-home Accomodation facilitation icon-clock 24h emergency assistance. +34671690528 icon-users Administrative support Telephone, fax, internet, e-mail icon-comment-empty-fa Tutorship icon-book Library Audio […]
15th March 2016
Internship in Valencia

Internship in Taronja

Would you like to do an Internship in our school? This is a great way to do a work experience with us while you also improve […]
14th March 2016

About us

Text about us What kind of person do you feel you are? Would you sing really loud in the shower even if your neighbours could hear […]
14th March 2016


Instituto Cervantes In September 2006, our school signed an agreement which recognizes TARONJA as accredited by the “Instituto Cervantes”. This acknowledgement implies that the school goes […]

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