Express Spanish Course

6th March 2012
Spanish lesson: HAY AHÍ AY

Spanish lesson: Hay Ahí Ay

Hay Ahí Ay. We’re going to take a look at three Spanish words that sound very similar when we say them, but that are very different […]
13th March 2012
Spanish lesson: nacer con estrellas

Spanish idioms: ¿Nacer con estrella o estrellado?

This week we won’t be talking about estrellas (stars) but rather a Spanish idiom that refers a people’s good or bad luck over the course of […]
21st March 2012
Spanish lesson: Allá Haya Halla

Spanish lesson: Allá Haya Halla

Allá Haya Halla Surely, you have read or heard some words in Spanish that sound the same but have a completely different meaning. This is the […]
27th March 2012
Spanish idioms: tener memoria de pez

Spanish idioms: Memoria de pez o de elefante?

This week we want to talk about memory. Do you know what does mean Tener memoria de pez or Tener memoria de elefante?

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