Are you over 40/50 years old and looking for a different experience?

Look no further! Our school offers a unique internship programme designed for people like you, who want to be enthusiastic with others, organise activities and provide valuable support to our students. Join us and enjoy this opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Why Choose Our Senior Internship Programme?

As a Senior Intern, you will organise interesting activities and create a vibrant environment tailored to the needs of your colleagues. If you like to organise activities, meet people and get the most out of everything you do, this experience is for you.

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Create Relevant Activities

You will be free to design activities and initiatives specially adapted to the interests of the 40 / 50 plus students. Organise dinners, wine tastings, excursions, cultural outings and other attractive events that enrich their experience during the course and encourage interaction between everyone.

How to Get Involved

Your role as a Senior Intern goes beyond a traditional internship. You will be able to improve your Spanish, participate in the school’s organisational side and be a point of reference for students of your own age. You will help create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for people who are encouraged to study Spanish at any age.

If you’re excited to embark on this rewarding journey as a Senior Intern and serve as a Cicerone for fellow learners, we invite you to share your interest by filling out the form below. Our team will provide more information and guide you through the application process.

Questions you may be asking yourself

No, unfortunately, we do not offer financial compensation for the internships. However, we provide other forms of compensation and benefits for the interns.
While there is no financial compensation, we offer the following benefits to the interns:
  • 10 Spanish lessons per week throughout the internship period.
  • Public transportation from the school to the activities during the entire internship period.
  • Enjoy the activities organized by the school at a free cost.
  • Special discount on our shared accommodation with other senior students.
The minimum duration of the internship is 3 months, while the maximum duration is 12 months. Interns can choose the period that best suits their needs.
The minimum required Spanish level is B1. There is no need to present a certificate as we will assess the level during a personal interview.
Yes, a minimum level of B2 English proficiency is required. There is no need to present a certificate as we will assess the level during a personal interview.

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