14th March 2016
Internship in Valencia
Internship in Taronja
15th March 2016

What kind of person do you feel you are? Would you sing really loud in the shower even if your neighbours could hear you? Would you like to win the first prize in a ‘most ridiculous hat’ tournament? When you see a cake, do you feel the urgent need to stick your finger in it?


If you’re reading this then today is your lucky day: You’ve found TARONJA, your soul mate!

In 2004 Eva, Fernando and Maxi (childhood friends) decided to start a business that would be a reflection of themselves: A very professional school that would be, at the same time, very fun, happy and a little crazy. After several years, TARONJA has become their passion, their life and their own daughter. That’s the way you’ll feel here, like at home, (or even better)! TARONJA is a place meant for young people, but we are NOT talking about age, we are talking about people that feel YOUNG IN SPIRIT! Do you have a soundtrack for every day of your life? When you go to bed at night, do you get excited about the new adventures that tomorrow will bring you? Do you feel like a kid or do you have an old soul?

At TARONJA we all feel like kids, and we love to have fun. Are you ready to join us?!

Make us dance!