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Valencia is a medium-sized city; this means that Valencia offers as much as a big city does but, at the same time, it is comfortable to move around. A perfect city to take your Spanish course.


After several years, TARONJA Spanish school has become our passion, our life and our own daughter. That’s the way you’ll feel here, like at home, (or even better)!


Inside you will discover that each corner has been neatly decorated by young Valencian artists. It is an authentic piece of art!


Our Spanish school is located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, in a beautiful 19th century building. Surrounded by cafés and restaurants. 


TARONJA is not only concerned with the Spanish lessons. We like to have fun too, and we give great importance to the social and cultural integration of the students.

haven't you seen our zombie film yet?

As you know, this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and we have prepared many surprises. Here we present one of the most expected ones, the first short film made entirely by the school and its students: TARONJA Vs TOXIC SCHOOL. If you, or any of your friends, also want to participate in the draw for TWO FREE SPANISH COURSES in Taronja, all you have to do is: 

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Why a Spanish course in Valencia?:

Why a Spanish course in Valencia?

  • Its ideal size. Valencia has a population of 1 million. It has the same amount of tourist attractions, transportation availability, (metro, bus, tram, bike hire, etc...) as that of larger cities,   but all in the confinement of a smaller one. This means that everything is within close proximity. Easy and comfortable to live in.
  • Valencia has a wonderful beach inside the city, only 15 minutes away from the city centre.
  • Valencia is one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Spain. It is clean, rich and VERY SAFE.
  • The living expenses here are not expensive compared to other cities.
  • Valencia is conveniently placed between popular places to visit, eg, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza, which makes travelling to them easy.
  • Everybody in Valencia speaks the traditional SPANISH, (with a Castilian accent).

Why a Spanish course in Taronja?:

Why a Spanish course in Taronja?

  • Each student is special to us, and this is how we make them feel.
  • We offer more than just a Spanish course... We want to offer you a great EXPERIENCE.
  • We want you to discover the treasures hidden behind the beautiful, native Spanish language.
  • You will eat Chef NANDO’S Paella!
  • You will have the chance to meet new people and make new friends all the time.
  • Our Spanish school is as round, colourful and sweet as an orange.
  • You will never experience a Spanish school so unique and fun!

This week activities:

Spanish courses in Valencia: pasea y aprende, copa del Rey, tamborada
In the Spanish class "Pasea y aprende" we want that you learn with action. Let's go shopping , to try things, to take public transport. One very effective and original Spanish course, and you're the protagonist. Although the Valencian team is not qualified for the final, we know that you like football. We all go together, after Spanish classes in one of the typical places to watch football games on TV. Taronja Spanish school want's show you all the traditions. These days the Holy week is the protagonist and we  will see some of the mosta spectaculer events

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Express Spanish Course:

Spanish expressions: meter la pata

Spanish expressions: meter la pata

What does it means the Spanish expression "meter la pata"? This week our video-phrase want make things right, and not "meter la pata". So pay attention and learn a new...

Spanish course: Tomar el pelo

Spanish course: Tomar el pelo

Which is the meaning of the Spanish expression "TOMAR EL PELO"? In this episode of our YOUTUBE Spanish course we're explaining you!And do not let anyone "os tome el pelo"!

Spanish course: How interact with the spaniards.

Spanish course: How interact with the sp…

When we travel to other countries usually we have problems in understanding some customs, how to relate to people, etc... The same happens when you come to do a Spanish...

Comments from our students:

KathiKathi from germany: my Spanish course in Spain

Learning in the Spanish school “Taronja” is a unique experience! On one hand you are in clases with teachers which are really professional and nice. On the other hand Taronja organize many activities for learning the language in a funny way and for getting in contact with the other students.

Lydia DopplerSpanish lessons in Valencia: Lydia Doppler

I stayed for eight weeks in Valencia.I liked the city at first sight and the Spanish school welcomed me very friendly. The girls from the reception are so nice in every kind of way and help you everytime. The teachers also are in good humor all of the time. I think it’s really effectiv and positiv for the Spanish learning to change the teachers after every week.

Spanish courses in Valencia: comment from Jessica NeumayerJessica Neumayer

Hi, my names is Jess, I’m from Berlin. In my first month in Valencia I learned a lot about Valencia’s people, very opened and lovely, I ate the typical food like  Paella and Gazpacho and I enjoyed the good weather/hot. But the best thing is the beach.

Spanish courses in Valencia: Victoria BenederVictoria Beneder

I chose this Spanish school because I liked the many activities and its vitality. The classes were very funny and the teachers so lovely.


Latest news:

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian graffity

Spanish courses in Valencia: valencian g…

Valencia is a city full of culture and of many different form of art. In the Spanish school Taronja we want all our students interested in taking a Spanish course...

Come and participate in a spanish course and discover the history of valencia!

Come and participate in a spanish course…

Valencia is a city that is rich on its history and its cultural inheritance. If you have done a Spanish course with us, you will have seen its rich history...

Spanish School Taronja: Festival of Pyrotechnics of the Feria de Julio

Spanish School Taronja: Festival of Pyro…

We have had fireworks every Saturday in the month of July, this Saturday we can watch this spectacular event one more time. Meet up with your Spanish course classmates and...

Featured Spanish course:


Salsa courses and Spanish courses in Valencia

Would you like to learn the Salsa and the Bachata whilst doing a Spanish course in Valencia? Valencia has a deep cultural connection with Hispano-America. This, together with the great love Valencian ́s harbour for dancing, makes Valencia one of the best European cities for learning the Salsa. Don ́t doubt it: this is your chance!

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