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  • Learn Spanish in Spain. Spanish courses in Valencia.
  • Spanish school Taronja: Accredited by  Instituto Cervantes
  • Spanish courses in Valencia: a city on the beach
  • Learn Spanish in Spain. Spanish courses in Valencia, in the city center.


TARONJA offers a wide variety of Spanish courses in Valencia. All the programs are designed carefully, and pass intensive quality controls.


Valencia is a medium-sized city; this means that Valencia offers as much as a big city does but, at the same time, it is comfortable to move around. Do you want to learn Spanish in Spain? A perfect city to take your Spanish course.


After several years, this Spanish language school has become our passion, our life and our own daughter. That’s the way you’ll feel here, like at home, (or even better)! Learn Spanish in Valencia with Taronja school


Our Spanish language school is located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, in a beautiful 19th century building. Surrounded by cafés and restaurants. 


TARONJA is not only concerned with the Spanish learning. We like to have fun too, and we give great importance to the social and cultural integration of the students. TARONJA is a place meant for young people, but we are NOT talking about age, we are talking about people that feel YOUNG IN SPIRIT!



Are you thinking of learning Spanish? Do you want to study Spanish in Spain? Are you looking for a good intensive Spanish course in Valencia? Check our Spanish courses. We are sure you’ll find your perfect courseLearn Spanish in Valencia at Taronja Spanish School. We offer you an EXPERIENCE.


Why learning Spanish in Valencia?:

Why a Spanish course in Valencia?  Learn Spanish in Valencia.

  • Its ideal size. Valencia has a population of 1 million. It has the same amount of tourist attractions, transportation availability, (metro, bus, tram, bike hire, etc...) as that of larger cities,   but all in the confinement of a smaller one. This means that everything is within close proximity. Easy and comfortable to live in.
  • Valencia has a wonderful beach inside the city, only 15 minutes away from the city centre.
  • Valencia is one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Spain. It is clean, rich and VERY SAFE.
  • The living expenses here are not expensive compared to other cities.
  • Valencia is conveniently placed between popular places to visit, eg, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza, which makes travelling to them easy.
  • Everybody in Valencia speaks the traditional SPANISH, (with a Castilian accent).

Learn Spanish in Valencia. You won't regret it!


Why a Spanish course in Taronja?:

Why a Spanish course in Taronja?

  • Each student is special to us, and this is how we make them feel.
  • We offer more than just a Spanish course... We want to offer you a great EXPERIENCE.
  • We want you to discover the treasures hidden behind the beautiful, native Spanish language.
  • You will eat Chef NANDO’S Paella!
  • You will have the chance to meet new people and make new friends all the time.
  • Our Spanish school is as round, colourful and sweet as an orange.
  • You will never experience a Spanish school so unique and fun!

This week activities:


Learn Spanish in Spain. Spanish courses in Valencia.




On Tuesdays, before the welcome paella, we have the walk and learn route. It's a wonderful way to know Valencia and at the same time learn Spanish. Remember that this activity, together with other four ones, is included in your Spanish course

On Thursday we're going to visit one of the best photographic exhibitions in Valencia. We're going to meet at 17.00 in front of  Taronja Spanish school.

On Friday we're going to have a very special and weird party, like Chef Nando is: the ostrich egg party. In which other Spanish course could you find something like this? In Taronja Spanish School we're all nuts :)

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What do our students think of our Spanish course?

MarcoSpanish courses in Valencia. Marco.

During the last ten years I studied Spanish in four Spanish language schools. At Taronja, nevertheless, the didactic method is the best of all. I really liked the constant contact of the students with the Spanish language and culture both in class and during the activities outside the classroom.

KathiKathi from germany: my Spanish course in Spain

Learning in the Spanish school “Taronja” is a unique experience! On one hand you are in clases with teachers which are really professional and nice. On the other hand Taronja organize many activities for learning the language in a funny way and for getting in contact with the other students.

FrancisLearn Spanish in Spain. Francis.

I arrived four weeks ago to learn Spanish in Valencia and discover the Spanish culture. Taronja was the best Spanish school for me because they organized many activities almost every day and because everybody is friendly. Thanks a lot for everything! See you!

Lydia DopplerSpanish lessons in Valencia: Lydia Doppler

I stayed for eight weeks in Valencia.I liked the city at first sight and the Spanish school welcomed me very friendly. The girls from the reception are so nice in every kind of way and help you everytime. The teachers also are in good humor all of the time. I think it’s really effectiv and positiv for the Spanish learning to change the teachers after every week.

Spanish courses in Valencia: Victoria BenederVictoria Beneder

I chose this Spanish school because I liked the many activities and its vitality. The classes were very funny and the teachers so lovely.


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Featured Spanish course:


Intensive Spanish courses in Valencia

If you are searching for a Spanish course in Valencia and at the same time you want to have time for enjoying the city, the gardens, the beaches and the culture, this intensive Spanish course is the right one for you. Meanwhile this course you will work on your competences in a communicative way. We guarantee that you will learn the language very fast and effective. Furthermore you will have 5 sociocultural lessons weekly. The Spanish school Taronja offer you Spanish courses... and much more! Learn Spanish in Valencia!

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In the learning of a language it is very important the linguistic immersion. Children are more open to receiving new languages but is not necessary to start this process during the childhood. When you decide to do this step and start a Spanish course in Spain different aspects improve:

  • 1. Your confidence in the use of the language, it increases as well as your abilities to comunicate with the others.
  • 2. The cultural immersion: you are constantly exposed to the new language, you are like an antenna always receiving and processing the information you have learned in class. You will know our customs, how we organize our time, how to behave in a meeting with other speakers... and you can also learn and practice different language registers: vulgar, colloquial, formal and high register.
  • 3. The promotion of personal autonomy.
  • 4. The development of mental agility.

The advantage of a linguistic immersion combined with a Spanish course in Spain is bigger. Your teachers will give you the tools to get on, you can ask them any question or doubt you have and get used to their pronunciation and speaking speed. In this way you will feel more confident about speaking with different interlocutors and you can put in practise all you have learned.

Do you want to speak well Spanish? Do not hesitate, do a Spanish course in Spain at TARONJA. We offer more than a Spanish course, a language experience. You will not regret.